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Work At Home Opportunities!Join our affiliate program today and you too can be making a generous 75% commission for every person that takes us up on any of our one-time special offers, upsells and downsells!

High Quality Offers – we spend time testing, tweaking and refining our offers so you get the best conversions! Preview the offers for yourself to see the quality and attention to detail we put on each page!

Quality Free Gift – not every likes being sold to straight away. That’s why we offer a free gift for your referred visitor. By giving something of real value to them we increase conversions rather than doing a hard sell.

Educate And Provide – once a visitor has downloaded their free gift, we really drive home what we’re teaching and so that they’re confident in what they have to do as an affiliate marketer.

So with all those reasons in mind, why not make life easy on yourself, get paid long term and hand out a copy of our free guides through your affiliate link today!..

In order to get paid, you will need a Free Clickbank Account. Below you will find all tools you’ll need to get started. Clickbank is a third party payment system which splits the payment between us at the point of sale. They send your commissions directly to your bank.

You have full permission to use all the resources below and modify them as long as they are used to promote this site. With that said, happy promoting!

Certain jobs ike these where i have to customize my time for an individual by actually building something custom for them, a lot of time and involvement goes into it. Like for example Building a WordPress website for somebody. For these kind of offers I would like to share about 30% with you to justify my time and work. Please do also feel comfortable promoting my Webdeveloping services as well. These are real jobs that require my personal attention. The rest all are automated.

Sign up with CLICKBANK.COM if you haven’t already done so and replace "AFFILIATE_ID" with your Clickbank username and the desired "PRODUCT_ID" which you would like to promote. This will be your raw affiliate link which you can copy and paste into your website, your Email signature, into your autoresponder series, into your articles, into your eBooks and so on.

Example if your Clickbank id is "Tom" and you would like to promote "100 Dollars made easy", then your affiliate url for that product would be:

Once a visitor clicks on your link, a cookie is placed by Clickbank which tracks your id, they will reach the free product page where they submit their email id and proceed to download the product. On the way there are two or three upgrades, which if they buy you get the 75% commission on that sale. Read more…

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