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TTDI Expert Advisor (EA) - Traders Dynamic IndexThe TTDI Expert Advisor works with hugely popular Forex trading platform Metatrader 4 and comes in the correct format for it to be used (EX4). Once purchased the 2 files required to make it work will be sent to you by email with instructions to get you started as soon as we have received payment. Any follow up questions you may want to ask will be answered as clearly and as quickly as possible, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

The set-up I use to trade can be copied over to an Expert Advisor with the right settings that would allow traders to customise it for different currency pairs and time frames. The Expert Advisor comes with a setting to allow you to control the amount of risk it takes. Playing around with these while back-testing will give you an idea of what differences they make. The higher risks involve bigger gambles but higher returns. The lower risk is a lot safer but typically produce less results over longer periods of time.

Using 3 separate Traders Dynamic Index Indicators to judge the current trend in 3 different time frames the TDI-EA will evaluate whether their is an opportunity to make money. If the price is moving is strongly trending in one direction but is slightly deviating away from it then this Expert Advisor will treat this as a possible retractment and open a position to try and profit from it. Using a trailing stop loss based on the average movements in the past bars it will let it go until stopped out by a large retrace or change of trend. This will allow trades to stay open for as long as they are moving the way we want them too while cushioning the potential loss from trend reversals or news trading.

We all like to feel in control, even more so when our own money is at risk. The TTDI Expert Advisor has a built in numerical risk adjuster that’s easy to change in the EA settings within Metatrader 4 platform. We have tested the TTDI Expert Advisor up to setting 100 recommend only running it at up to setting 25 due to the possible DRAWDOWN experienced. See the following backtesting results for a visual idea of what happens when you increase the risk setting:

Its not impossible to go over 25 as a risk setting but the drawdown gets really intense as you get higher!

Hedging is not allowed by some Forex brokers so we included the option to turn it off when trading. Turning off hedging seems to drive the drawdown up a little and miss out on some lucrative positions. It does reduce the “gambling” factor a small amount but I would rather have it switched on if your broker allows it.

In V1.1 a Stoploss has been introduced. This extra level of security for your accounts capital can reduce the drawdown experienced and also reduces the risk of being wiped out by one major move in the markets. It does cause a few more losses when used but as you backtest and experiment you will get an idea of whether you want to turn it on with your trading.

An Expert Advisor is a script that is run to trade automatically without human interaction. It will analyse 1 or more currencies in 1 or more time frames and make judgements as to whether it could make a trade that would be profitable. It handles these trades by deciding how much money to invest (based on what a human has programmed into it as a percent or lot-size) and acting upon it… Read more…

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