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Trend Following System with FormationsI found this exceptional system while making interviews with prominent traders from all over the world. From the very beginning I was amazed by its effectiveness. The man who showed it to me said that he began to trade live when he had two weeks of profits without any loss. I was shocked!

But it wasn’t the end. This trader, as a proof of efficiency, showed me how this system works – everywhere where are the biggest players and huge money, on: Currencies, S&P, DJIA, Oil, Commodities, Dax, EuroStoxx50, Gold, Silver, Platinum…

We checked – it was true. This system works EVERYWHERE – where are the biggest traders and speculators from Wall Street!

I started – and I didn’t achieve such a success as my predecessor. I returned to him and he told me that if you really want to succeed you should be patient – profits come with the experience and with the familiarity with the system – this requires some time.

He asked me whether I think that the biggest traders, managing billions of dollars learned it in one weekend? Of course not! Sometimes they had to spend weeks, sometimes months to learn its most profitable details, just to feel very comfortable at the market. Thanks to that patient activity they consistently, systematically earn millions.

– On the other hand there are many beginners who enter the market very quickly and almost all of them are losing all the money. To which group of traders you want to belong? – he asked.

Then it became crystal clear to me… that I should act differently than all beginners. My mentor told me that his beginnings were not the easiest – it took him about a month to learn and understand the system. But when he realized that this system is being used by the biggest speculators, achieving the greatest gains, riding the most expensive cars… it helped him to quickly deal with obstacles.

If so, listen carefully: beginners have a lot of difficulties to reach the level of consistent profits. One of the main reasons is that it’s really hard to find well-described systems.

Forex is a visual art. You should be able to see most profitable formations and know how to safely "enter" a winning move.

There are many books and training systems that show the entry and exit on three-four examples, and… that’s it! These books are totally worthless!

In other books, on the more than 150 pages, about the system you have… under 20 pages… The rest is about the history of stock exchange and capital markets…. This is ridiculous!

Book contains over 270 pages only about the system, without droning about Dow’s cycles and stock market history. From the beginning to the end – everything about the system and using it, supported by dozens of real examples from the market!

While using it you’ll very quickly understand how to trade FOREX and how to achieve the level of consistent profits!

The Manual "TFSWF ver.2.0" contains over 380 carefully described illustrations, so you’ll quickly begin to see the most profitable price patterns!

VERSATILITY: The system works not only on all currency pairs, but also on Commodities, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Indexes in USA, Europe and Asia: wherever you can speculate on short and long positions!

COMFORT: The system provides only entries through pending orders, which saves time and trader’s nerves: just set the order in a good moment and then… shut down your computer!

SPEED: The system captures "the safest" part of the movement, so that the number of profitable orders ranges above 60%, even for beginners! Read more…

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