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TradeManager - Forex PitstopIf you’ve ever traded with MT4 you know how hard it is to set up even a single trade. Calculating the trade size and filling in values by hand can be a real chore. Not to mention the risk of making a typing error. By the time you’re finished you’ve missed the trade! That’s when I began thinking, "There’s got to be a better way!" What if there was a tool on top of the chart that let’s you place a trade with just one click? Or even better, two clicks. One for the trade and one for a confirmation protecting you from misplaced clicks! What if you could even adjust your trades visually, right on the chart, even before sending your order, Best of all, what if you could just grab a StopLoss or Take Profit line on the chart, and change it by simply dragging your mouse? All of this is now possible with the use of TradeManager!

"To become a professional trader you need to get yourself the best tools. Cannot imagine myself trading without this TRADEMANAGER !!! Especially setting TP cannot get any easier." FreddyFX (Mexico)

"Been waiting and searching for a help like this a long time. Thanks to the programmer." Piphunter (Canada)

Now, test drive TradeManager for a free 14 day trial right here! Simply fill in your name and primary email. You will receive the download link right to your inbox:

How much do you think this remarkable tool should cost? A tool you will use every day for the rest of your trading career. The marketers would price this as high as $299 bucks! But as a programmer I’m discounting the middleman. It’s only $97! Read more…

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