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Trade the Nasdaq"… it was educational, informative, all the information tied together everything I have studied up until now, with valuable new techniques revealed !" – Mr C. Meehan

"… I enjoyed the Fibonacci and QQQ’s section the most!" – Paul Manley

"… everything was excellent !" – Robert Dawes Speaking about the cost, Mr C. Meehan said it was "Excellent value, in comparison to what is available – i.e.., this education is not readily available ……."

Alan reveals how he uses Technical Analysis to find likely target trades. He stalks these likely movers and then places his trades based on the TA set up from his charts once the set ups have been found he then interprets price action on level 2.

Reading of level 2 confirms exactly where and when to place the trade. Level 2 can be difficult to interpret but it allows you to see what is actually happening in the market. Level two moves are eventually seen on the chart – but you can place your trades before the chart pattern shows up!

By observing how the order flow is being taken up and the relationship between the bid and ask volumes false breaks can be seen before the move takes place on the chart!

Get started now and learn how to take amazing profits from the Nasdaq, just one trade can make you $1,000s, these trades happen almost every day and Alan shows you exactly how to do it. This seminar series is worth many times the $147 price and you should make many times this amount on most of your trades! Learn how he does it for just $97

This is the actual trading account record of a trade placed on Friday 5th August 2005. The trade produced 1522 cents profit. 1000 shares ($10 per cent move) resulted in $15,220 profit in only 9 minutes, and this was when the overall market was falling. This is just one from several very profitable trades identified in a typical trading day.

You may think trades like these are very rare, the reality is that almost every day there are shares that move through well over 100 cents producing a $1,000 profit again and again.

Recently recorded in Las Vegas, trader George Hallmey of Clickevents and Traders Class, interviewed Vadym Graifer to find out how he got started as a trader and what makes him tick.

Vadym Graifer, author of Techniques of Tape Reading (McGraw Hill 2003), The Master Profit Plan and the video course How to Scalp Any Market (2005), is a featured speaker at International Trader’s Expos and Financial Forum Conferences. He is the managing partner of, a hands-on training company, working with a global community of individuals to achieve high levels of trading success. Vadym is a professional trader and an international private trading mentor for He has also published articles and interviews in industry magazines, corporate product newsletters and trading forums.

Vadym describes how he was mainly self taught, he arrived in Canada from the Ukraine in 1996 and needed an occupation that wasn’t reliant on speaking English – so trading was ideal! Vadym describes how his trading started and eventually became a profitable and stable month on month.

Vadym describes how important it is to find the right approach that suits the personality of the trader. Vad trades20-25 trades a day and very seldom holds trades overnight, he is extremely risk intolerant, indeed Vad has some interesting views on those who lose money, the psychology of the individual being all important to trade successfully. He likes to trade in the zone and discusses how he… Read more…

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