TopPerformer Best Expert Advisor in Forex Trading

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TopPerformer Best Expert Advisor in Forex Trading– On the account traded by TopPerformer you cannot use any other robot or manual trades. If TopPerformer find an external trade, it will close it immediately.

– The minimum balance of the account must be 5.000 USD. You can use a demo account for the trial period or a real cent account if you don’t want to trade with this balance. We want that all accounts can be traded safely, that’s why we wrote this rule.

– Install the expert advisor on a VPS to be sure that it runs 24/5. You will receive an email if the robot is disconnected for more than 5 minutes.

– For the trial period the maximum risk can be setted to 1.0, even if you set an higher value, the program will consider the default max value.

You have only one parameter to set! RiskFactor. You can set this value from 0.1 to 1. We don’t reccomend to set a value higher than 1. Setting RiskFactor = 1 will give an average monthly return of 8% with a spread on EurUsd of 1 pip with a maximum drawdown of 60%. You can decrease risk setting Risk factor to a lower value. For example if you set it to 0.5 you will get a monthly return of 4% with a maximum drawdown of 30%.

Every day we add some comments to the chart to get in touch with our followers with results and view of the market. If you have some problems with the view, please follow the instruction below to fix it.

If you have problems installing Top Performer, we can do it for you with TeamViewer with a remote desktop connection. All for free! Read more…

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