The TRUTH about Trading for a Living: The secrets to trading the stock exchange

Whether you want to trade the stock exchange for a living or just as a hobby this "must read" book pulls no punches in telling you the secrets that only serious traders know. It highlights the difference between the successful traders and the majority who lose money. The author has trained over 1000 traders and has written this book to help anyone improve their trading, understand what success looks like and ultimately be in a position to trade for a living if that is what you want to do.

The book covers everything from writing a trading plan to developing and measuring a successful trading strategy. From how your personality influences trading to money management and from trading rules to how news affects your trades. It also covers spread betting, binary options, Forex robots and much more.

Trading is a fantastic way to earn a living or supplement income no matter what age you are. It keeps your mind active and is an enthralling activity even if the money is less important to you. However, trading should be treated as a serious business, you can make or lose a lot of money but if you read this book and act upon what is covered you will stand the best possible chance of becoming a successful trader.

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