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The Forex Tigress"Discover how I made my own automated cash machine that spits out $1000 dollar checks for me every month"…

You can see how 5 trades were taken on this chart all for a profit of $930 each. Also note that The Forex Tigress kept you out of the 2 major downtrends in this period.

On this chart period we picked up 6 profitable trades at $930 each and made one loss of $1041. Note that The Forex Tigress after taking profits would reavaluate the trading oportunity and re-enter the market if conditions continued to be favourable.

Five more profitable trades at $930 each. The Forex Tigress also kept us out of the downtrend in this trading period.

Three profitable trades and one loss. Keep in mind a profitable trader is one who makes more profitable wins than lossess.

Five wins one loss! Note we are again kept out of the major downtrend for this period and by having a pre-defined stop loss our lossess are kept to a minimum.

The best way to explain to you the power of using automated startegies like The Forex Tigress. Is to answer some questions that I know most traders have.

The main diferences are that our strategies are specifically designed to trade only one currency pair and are created around that currency pairs specific movements and fluctuations. We break this down into the finest details including most profitable days and times in which the strategies parameters will trigger. Most importantly The Forex Tigress is designed to last, it is not a scalping strategy so if the market conditions are not favourable then the Tigress won’t trade.

There are 2 factors that will affect your trading profits the first is obviosly your trade size the larger your trades the larger your profits. Remember this can be a double edge sword so only trade within your means. The second way is the preferred way and that is diversity to your portfolio which will decrease your overall risk to certain segments of the market. How to do that is to keep an eye out for future Grow Money Grow strategies and to do what all smart traders do and have multiple strategies working for you.

Well you ask any profitable trader and they will all tell you that to be a successfull trader you must simply make more wins than lossess when you trade. Now that is obviosly easier said than done as statistics show that 95% of traders fail. So to answer your question "What makes a profitable trader?" WE DO! When you choose to team with Grow Money Grow and The Forex Tigress you will be choosing to become one of the 5% of profitable traders in the market. To top it off you wont even have to trade! Our sophisticated program will do it for you no stress, no anxiety and plenty of free time and money.

So I know what your thinking how much is it going to cost me to finally start profiting with my trading? Well firstly you need to ask yourself how much your willing to invest on an automated hands free system that has generated over $56,000. This is the question we asked ourselves when setting a price for this awesome product. We first thought $1000 would be a fare price for this strategy, because lets face it we have done all the hard work for you and are providing a proven and tested strategy. Keeping in mind that this strategy can turn that initial investment of $1000 into $56,000 which is a return of 5600% on your initial investment.

We then faced a bit of a moral dilema that is: can the people… Read more…

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