The Forex-Stalker. Full automated EA (Expert advisor) for profitable forex trading with low risks

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The Forex-Stalker. Full automated EA (Expert advisor) for profitable forex trading with low risksAfter annual testing the Forex-Toolkit team can say: this is rare case in hugest row of whole heap of EAs, (are can bring millions in two weeks by their advertising) which we can recommend to buy. This EA is using Martingale approach to cover loses, but suggested Money Management system is brilliant. In annual period we earn 120%, by maximal draw-down 25%. Forex-toolkit says: just let for this EA working with recommended settings and return to your account weekly to check results. Mart/2011

The hi-tech fully automated system for high-performance forex-trading with low-risk Money Management! The Forex-Stalker is a 100% full automated forex trading system (Expert Advisor) which uses high effective trading and money management strategies to reach up to 48%* of performance pro month with low-risk value! The system working automatically without any human participation in 24/5/365 mode. You can run it and leave it without your attention for a long time. Effective money management system will keep low risks in trading and will earn considerable profit.

Take a look on the detailed statements of one real life account, and find out how the Forex-Stalker made from $70.000 of an initial deposit, up to +71.92% just within 2 months! Espetially please take you attention on next values: drow-down 15,91% and real withdrawal $70.000 As you know, usually numbers of EA sellers suggesting only Back-test results. Take a look on Forex-Stalker Back-test statemets too. Trust only real trading statements

The Forex Stalker EA is fully automated tool to earn profit even in toxically forex area… (c) review 2011

Start capital You have a wide range of capital to start trading with the Forex-Stalker EA. (We recommend capital starting from $4000 on standard trading accounts type)

Newbie friendly We providing fully automated EA with user friendly and clear settings to automate trading, money management and risk control.

Full automation using this EA you can start it in Monday and check results in Friday. You win your time and dont spend your attention. Possibilities and automations of version PRO increases a common profit and decreases risks

High profit and low risks The Forex-Stalker can harvest a profit on any market situation. When others losing money you can earn money (of course if you using our Money Management recommendations)

Ready to go Immediately after EA purchasing and licensing your accounts, you can run the Forex-Stalker. Also you can use our Managed account service for free

Openness of system Thanks openness of system you can search your own trading settings and money management. (do it on an demo accounts)

We providing 60 days money-back warranty, if the Forex-Stalker or Forex-Stalker Pro EA will not reach a positive performance on real account using our recommendations for money management, you will be paid back costs of the EA. Please fill free contact us in case any questions Read more…

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