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The Forex RevolutionYou’ve probably heard a lot by now. There have been rumors and talk flying around for months. The excitement has been building.

A backstage access to see for yourself why this is the biggest undertaking to hit the forex market… ever.

We are going to show you why the forex revolution is a machine, a movement… a monster that is churning out money.

…why the revolution is a new and never seen before approach to taking the forex market hands on and shaking more money from it than you can imagine.

My title is “Chief Strategist” but I generally over see most things; from development to testing.

I have been involved in forex trading for over 6 years now. I have worked for brokers. I have traded personal funds and managed funds. I also work in the futures market (mostly trading the Emini and SPI)

Why? Because I am aiming to build up my automated trading portfolio so that I can make a HUGE passive income.

I also want a very large yacht and a house on the waterfront in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua (that’s in the Caribbean). So that is my goal!

Now my chosen path is via the forex markets. The reason is a very simple fact – you can become rich from the foreign exchange markets in a very short time.

The amount of money traded on the wholesale forex market is billions of dollars a day. Now.. I’m not pretending that I plan on earning that much! But what it does mean is that the forex market is scalable about as high as it would be possible to go (in terms of income).

My team and I are doing extremely well from our forex robots right now, we are making great money BUT we want to do better.

My other… rather lesser passion.. is to get to the point – so lets save you some time and get straight down to it.

Seriously, please don’t waste my time. Just go and buy the latest and greatest marketing BS robot… you’ll be disappointed every time.

So.. for those of you still here – there is NO such thing as a magic bullet. No one forex robot will make serious profit (and I mean serious profit, not sure a little bit) day after day, week after week, year after year.

You see market conditions change, one type of technical indicator might only be good one day, and no good the next.

OK I am sure that some "marketing gurus" will have told you that their forex robot has artificial intelligence and can automatically adapt to the market?

Think about it – Wikipedia is a crowd-sourced encyclopedia and it is now broader, larger and better than any encyclopedia made by one company (hint hint Encarta).

Then we add the next robot… and trade… we make more money… and we go on and on updating and improving as we go, as a team.

We asked Tom Rogers (he’s a well known trader in the community) to join our team and give our robot a test.

Now Tom is a good guy but he’s not really a developer. But he does trade forex robots and so any opinion he could offer was great for us.

Tom traded REVOBOT-1 for a couple of weeks, he made just over $1.2K (+ 40% of this account balance) and then we asked him what he thought.

He told us that he thought the robot did better during certain market times and in particular we should avoid the US session opening time.

Now, not every adaptation works… but we like to test them. That is what crowd-sourcing is. We can all test and analyze. Using the power of the crowd to scale-up testing.

That’s fine! At the core The Forex Revolution is a set of ultra profitable robots and if you just want to trade them and have nothing do to with the community – that’s fine!

BUT…. how good will it be to know that the community is there working on the robots and that every now and then you’ll have access to the latest updated robot and settings?

You’ll constantly be ahead of the market. Constantly making more and more money – and you didn’t even have to do anything. (Well actually you have to change the settings but this only takes about 1 minute every now and then).

Well we are starting with our main one – REVOBOT-1. As The Forex Revolution grows we will be adding more and more…

As a team member of The Forex Revolution you will of course have access to each new robot that we add to the team.

A few months ago we plucked a normal "everyday trader" from Donna’s FX’s forum and invited them to join our team.

That was Jeremy talking about his experience with The Forex Revolution. Now lets have a look at his account!

The MarketWatch Chart display gives traders an "under the bonnet" look at what is going on behind the scenes with the market and the robot’s logic.

After all our robots are at the core of The Forex Revolution, so you know that they are trading profitably and making us money.

For those in the know we like to add some information on the robots so that you know what to expect.

Everyone starts with REVOBOT-1. You have seen REVOBOT-1’s trading ability above… Read more…

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