The Art of Zen Trading I Using precognition to predict the stock market

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The Art of Zen Trading   I   Using precognition to predict the stock marketThis book is only 33 pages, so it can be read and put to use very quickly, but it is packed with valuable information:

Introduction Chapter 1: Is Precognition really possible? Chapter 2: The Zen mindset. Precognition applied to trading Chapter 3: The Psychology of trading Chapter 4: Setting up a trading system — Setup — Test — Mindset Chapter 5: Training Your Mind to Predict the Market. — Become hyper aware — Meditation — Lucid dreams — Exercise and test your brain Chapter 6: Your Advantages as an Individual Investor

Although it does require effort and discipline, the individual investor can compete with the pros. Most individual investors fail because they don’t put in the effort required to succeed. They want to guess, gamble and hope. If you want to be a successful trader, take the time to develop a solid trading strategy and build up your precognition & intuition abilities. Don’t let your own emotions impede your ability to sense the energy of the market, instead get your mind in tune with the flow/energy of the market. The information in this book is going to make you money! Download the book, absorb the information and put it to work for you. You have 60 days to get your money back if you don’t feel like this book was worth what you paid for it. Read more…

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