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TDI Red Green Alerts Indicator deciphers and monitors market conditions related to trend direction, market strength, and market volatility.

Introductions from the indicator itself:

Green line = RSI Price line
Red line = Trade Signal line
Blue lines = Volatility Band
Yellow line = Market Base Line

Trend Direction – Immediate and Overall
Immediate = Green over Red…price action is moving up.
Red over Green…price action is moving down.

Overall = Yellow line trends up and down generally between the
lines 32 & 68. Watch for Yellow line to bounces off
these lines for market reversal. Trade long when
price is above the Yellow line, and trade short when
price is below.

Market Strength & Volatility – Immediate and Overall
Immediate = Green Line – Strong = Steep slope up or down.
Weak = Moderate to Flat slope.

Overall = Blue Lines – When expanding, market is strong and
trending. When constricting, market is weak and
in a range. When the Blue lines are extremely tight
in a narrow range, expect an economic announcement
or other market condition to spike the market.

Entry conditions
Scalping – Long = Green over Red, Short = Red over Green
Active – Long = Green over Red & Yellow lines
Short = Red over Green & Yellow lines
Moderate – Long = Green over Red, Yellow, & 50 lines
Short= Red over Green, Green below Yellow & 50 line

Exit conditions*
Long = Green crosses below Red
Short = Green crosses above Red
* If Green crosses either Blue lines, consider exiting when
when the Green line crosses back over the Blue line.

IMPORTANT: The default settings are well tested and proven.
But, you can change the settings to fit your
trading style.

Price & Line Type settings:
RSI Price settings
0 = Close price [DEFAULT]
1 = Open price.
2 = High price.
3 = Low price.
4 = Median price, (high+low)/2.
5 = Typical price, (high+low+close)/3.
6 = Weighted close price, (high+low+close+close)/4.

RSI Price Line & Signal Line Type settings
0 = Simple moving average [DEFAULT]
1 = Exponential moving average
2 = Smoothed moving average
3 = Linear weighted moving average

Download TDI Red Green Alerts Indicator:
TDI Red Green Alerts Indicator
TDI Red Green Alerts Indicator

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