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test4profit. Software for FOREX Traders

Features: 1. Auto Fibonacci Tool for 2 different movements *impulse *correction 2. Correlator for 2 assets: stocks, futures, CFDs, ETFs 3. Simulator for 3 built-in main strategies to optimize and learn You how market is working i.e. how working leverage, drowdown, cost like spread, shape of cumulative return line, sensitivity of any parameter in complex strategy 4. 10 types of chart 5. 3 professional EAs with source code corresponded to simulator. EA is a robot to automatic trading. 6. Trading filters based on volume 7. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) filter 8. Volume support/resistance levels 9. Median and standard deviations levels 10. Money flow grid by “Smart Money” 11. Impulse/correction per bar value which means that You can compare how many correction movements we have to how many impulse movements we have on the chart, in percent value 12. Trend Auto Analyzer, function which can tell You which trend we already have on the chart 13. Auto Overbalance finder, function searching the biggest correction in whole chart according to the right trend 14. High-Low and volatility channels Software to download: 220 MB More informations: www.test4profit.net Continue reading

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