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Stock Trading Systems - Stock Trading StuffEnjoy reading your papers. And profiting from the ARTs paper. For the GOM, was there a long signal this morning, Monday Sept 12, 2011. Not that I plan to play it. Just wanting to confirm my understand.

yes there was! . . . and I commented on it here: . THANKS! for checking in here.

Just purchased and looked through your paper. Looks simple enough and sound as price movement is the ultimate indicator. Look forward to putting it into action with my trades on the BGU/BGZ in my 401k using the 60 minute chart!

Sounds like a great! idea. We’ll have an even more advanced Trading System based on Simply 5% coming out within the next week . . . and will be offering it to current Simply 5% owners for half price. Look for an email to present this offer to you when the time comes. Good Luck !!!

I just purchased your e-book yesterday. Have you ever discussed how you decide which option to play-ITM or OTM, how far out,etc.? Thanks,Mark

No, for that low price I have not gotten into HOW to Trade options. Basically … I like to Trade OTM options .. one strike-price out. I feel it gives me a very amplified gain if the underlying moves in my direction . . . while still being a low-price for entry. I also make sure I choose the month that gives my Trading System time-frame to play out. If options expire in one week but I am Trading the Daily Chart that may not fully play out for another week or three, then I will choose one month further out. If I am Trading the 15-minute Chart, then I can expect action before the expiration in one week. Good Luck !!! btw, I should have an Upgraded eBook out within a week or two which will have some more details and extra Signals and Commentary. I will offer it at half price to those who bought our first Trading System already.

Hi Malcom . . the Simply 5% Trading System IS a pure price System . . . We have an Upgraded System coming out soon that adds some wise Technical Analysis to the Signals .. eliminating some whipsaw. Check back here over the next week or two for its release. However, the Simply 5% System is good and is priced RIGHT for you to have a look at what we do.

I want to have a look at what you do as I found your Public List section on interesting

If you don’t day trade but look at charts for short term trade set ups, is this system good for this type trading. I look at the charts late each evening for developing trade opportunities. Thanks, Garrett

great! question Garrett . . . YES! .. that is exactly how I have been Trading nowadays. The Simply 5% Trading System provides Trading Setups for four (4) different time-frames: 5-min, 15-min, 60-min, and Daily. I actually use it in reverse . . since I also provide a Stock Scanner for the Daily setup, I look for stocks meeting the Daily time-frame requirements for a Buy and then I use one or more of the intraday setups to time my entry/exit more precisely.

1) Being mechanical – is it spreadsheet based? 2) If not – can the parameters be set up on 3) Are there daily and variable set ups? 4) For variable set-ups – can you use any time frame or only certain ones like 60 min?

Hey Michael . . . 1 – no, not spreadsheet based . . . TicTac just shows Weekly Signals in a spreadsheet, but . . . 2 – yes!, it is Stock Chart based and the parameters CAN be shown on… Read more…

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