Stock Market Trading: 3 Manuscripts – Day Trading, Penny Stocks, Options Trading

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Day Trading

As the world as a whole grows richer it has become harder and harder for average Americans to make smart investments for their future. It seems as though the best options to earn interest are reserved for the super wealthy. I have good news; there lies an opportunity for the average American to expand their savings, to invest in markets where they stand a competitive chance of making great profit. What started as an experiment in growing my savings has turned into a full-time income, and I’m sure that after following my advice, you too will be also be able to earn a full-time income while working from home. The secret comes in day trading, and the proven strategies that can be used to earn consistent income.
In This Book You Will Find:

Key day trading strategies that can be used on large stock exchanges, FOREX markets and penny stocks.
An explanation of the tools that you will need to make intelligent stock picks.
Answers to questions about capital requirements, and how to get started trading.
Key methods for how to trade on specific markets, written by an experienced day trader.
A look at expected changes in markets due to recent geopolitical changes.

Penny Stocks
Just a few short years ago, I decided to become involved in penny stocks. I took the leap to this type of investing because I saw an avenue for the small investors to have a competitive advantage and make a profit. Through years of hard work, research, successes and some failures, I have come out the other end as a successful penny stock investor. I come to you now with the knowledge that you need to make in penny stocks.

In This Book You Will Find:

An explanation of how to get started in penny stocks, written for beginners and designed by an expert.
Key strategies for how to identify and pick the best stocks.
All the knowledge you need to identify your trading style and gain a competitive advantage.
A detailed guide to the world of penny stocks so that you can start trading with the best set of tools and strategies available.

Options Trading

Perhaps you’ve heard of options trading before but have been hesitant to get started because it seemed complicated. I understand the sentiment, but the market for options only appears more complicated than it truly is. There is a desire by the Wall Street elites to complicate simple strategies that nearly every trader can invoke. I will teach you the fundamentals of options trading using everyday language. I will illustrate complex ideas with simple examples that will make once indecipherable ideas easy to understand. By the time you are done reading this book, you will have a strong foundation of all the things you need to know about the options market, as well as know several strategies to get you started.

In This Book You Will Find:

An explanation of options designed for the beginner investor. Even if you have no experience in financial markets, you will be able to explain options to your friends like a lifetime trader.
Tips and advice for exactly how to get started: what brokers to use, how large your investment fund should be, and how much you should spend on each and every trade.
Simple explanations of strategies, organized intelligently, and outlined for someone just getting started with options.
A manual for how to get started, written by someone who has taken years to master the material and make a great income from trading.

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