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SteadyWinner Forex EA - SteadyWinner Forex EAOn 15 Jan 2015, The Swiss National Bank suddenly announce removal of exchange rate cap of Swiss Franc against Euro. Our old broker, Alpari UK was caught by the sudden market move and failed to recover from the heavy loss. To continue public display of SteadyWinner’s real performance, we have transferred funds to open a new account in Go Markets and installed SteadyWinner on this account on 15 Feb 2015. We had completed Real Account verification with and we now share the new link in this page below.

On 12 Mar 2015, the rebuild of the FAQ section in our blog was completed. It is now separated into just 2 posts – the Presales Section and the Application Section. The questions are logically reorganized and carefully updated so users can find information more easily. Please click FAQ on the navigation bar above and have a look. Thank you.

Hi,welcome to the home of SteadyWinner, a robot for making steady profit in trading. If you do not have a copy of this EA, you can download it here. Use Winzip or 7-zip to unzip the compressed files and you will see the EA and a user manual.

If you are a newbie and do not know what an EA (Expert Advisor) is, please learn from this link . If you do not know what forex is about, you can learn from this ink, and you will be able to use my EA.

Now, let me introduce myself. I am not a scammer, nor a professional EA seller. I am a trader like you. I love using EAs and have some experience on it. SteadyWinner is the result of my learning of MQL for many years. I am using the EA on my live account myself, and it generates steady profit. Here below, I will tell you how it works.

1. Follow the trend. There are many indicators helping traders to find out the trend. The indicators I use are just some Expotential MAs on different time frames. The method is very simple, but surprisingly effective.

2. Enter buy or sell when there is a good position. A good position to buy is when the trend is going up and we buy at a dip. And we do the opposite to make a sell entry. A good position is sometimes more important than whether we are with the trend or not.

3. Exit when there is a good position.There is a fixed take profit and a stop loss for each order. However, an internal take profit and an internal stop loss are put in the code. The EA will try to find a better position to exit when the market situation is not favourable. This help to reduce losses and drawdown.

Here below we will explain the above points in detail. I know it is not the norm for EA developers to spell out their strategy. If you find this section too long or too technical, you can skip it and come back later.

We want to go into detail because from the discussion in some forex forums, we sense that many users do not understand the strategy we use. And this will affect their confidence in trading, especially while the EA is losing.

Here is a screenshot of the trades opened by the EA. The horizontal line is EMA700, which served as a division line between buy and sell trades. When price is above EMA, we only buy. When price is below EMA, we only sell. As you can see, we use the EMA as a trend… Read more…

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