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Start Forex Today™WARNING… Do Not Purchase or look at any "Auto-Pilot" Forex Robot until you read this letter. If you buy one without reading this first you are Guaranteed that a Robot can and will SHRED through your CASH faster than a "Vegas Casino" … THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

What I’m about to share with you today, July 18, 2011 is something that I don’t take very lightly! There’s a lot of "HYPE" happening in the Forex Market that threatens to dissolve every dime of profit you may have earned or hope to earn. The DANGER to your Cash could be immense… and immediate! Please read on…

CLICK HERE To skip this long sales letter and get to the price (which is less than the cost of a lunch) and a couple of quick paragraphs of what this is all about!

FACT: Approximately 92% of Forex traders end up losing their money (and shirt) because they’re told a robot on auto-pilot will bring them riches. Think about it! If Forex Robots could really "double" your money every month like they claim then none of us would ever have to work again. Accordingly these "brainiacs" who invented the Robots would be billionaires like Bill Gates and the Google Guys! Don’t be fooled by this one!

FACT: Almost every single one of those review sites are scams themselves. They are simply "affiliates" writing bogus reviews with fake blogs and phony articles merely promoting the product for a commission. Robots belong in Detroit on an assembly line building cars!

FACT: If you do not take the time to learn about the forex market and become educated. You might as well give your money to your local charity. You are going to lose it and that’s guaranteed!

FACT: Riches come to those who take the time to learn a skill and work to master that skill. Forex is a great way to make a lot of money but if you place your account on auto-pilot it’s a great way to lose money while you sleep and wake up to a "real" nightmare!

WARNING… 92% OF ALL FOREX TRADERS END UP LOSING THEIR MONEY! Please do not join that losing group of traders. There is absolutely no need to go down that path. Trading is not as hard as people make it out to be. FOREX is exciting and provides traders with a potential for huge profits, but there’s also significant risk factors involved for the uneducated traders.

Dear Future or Current Forex Trader, First, I want to start off by saying something that may shock you! This "HYPE" in the Forex market may already be working to hurt you! Especially in today’s economy! You may have done everything you can to find a good, solid, Forex program to invest in. You may have all of the latest and greatest reports! You may have gone out and purchased one of those auto-pilot trading robots that double your money in your sleep (yeah right!) and you’re still losing money! You’re not in panic mode yet but you’re probably getting there! These are the kinds of things that can burn ulcers in your stomach… Do you sometimes feel that everyone is lying to you? You may as well take your cash outside and feed it to the dog! How do you sift through the "HYPE" and make money? You know other people are doing it – so why not you! I’ll tell you why in just a moment! Even more important I’ll show you how to do it… and do it fast! Plus, it’s easier then you might imagine!

"Would absolutely recommend Start Forex Today. They taught me everything I need to know to trade FOREX. Their system was great and easy to understand. I think they are the best!

Hi, I’m David Vehras and I fell for a lot of promises of easy money in the Forex market years ago. You name it, and I have done it or tried it! I’m going to tell you a little story about some of those adventures so you can learn from my experience and misfortune. More importantly, I’m going to show you how to make "Real" money in the Forex market. The FOREX market became hostile rather quickly and took me for the ride of a life time. I had been caught in its path and there was nothing I could do about it. Over a 3 month period I lost $1,000,000 cash with more yet to come. So I have been there and done that! I was forced to get as much education as possible and I became a student of the FOREX market. It was time for me to really learn about the markets and become an expert. I paid thousands of thousands of dollars to learn everything about currencies and the currency markets not to mention the hours upon hours of reading, studying, trading and searching. Would you like to know what the truth is? Here you go… Look, let me just preface this by saying: "If you’re the type of person that has to know everything about anything – then you’ll probably do nothing!" And even worse yet – you’ll probably do it wrong! The Fast-Buck artists know that and that’s how they take advantage of you! How? With Hype! Webster’s definition of "Hype"…

You see, everyone wants things today fast, easy, cheap, and requiring little to no effort! It’s like those… Read more…

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