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Simple Forex Trading System - Easy to learn and profitI would not believe in a forex strategy, if it would not have any proof of success to back it up. Once in a while ask my customers to share their stories – the most recent came from new trader – made 500+ EUR in 3 weeks (around $600) – great start for a new trader. I wish all others even more success (experienced trades with higher capital make x10 of that amount and more)!

Note sure when exactly and how did I realize… But I have finally realized this: complex forex trading systems are just profitable on paper, but in reality they are too difficult to use – they require  immediate reaction, analysis of multiple charts and indicators. Simple forex trading systems which use just 1 or 2 well known indicators provide too many false signals, so basically there’s a lack of of proper forex tools. Not the knowledge. If we could only use all the benefits of those complex trading systems by combining all their components into one simple forex trading system… And then I thought to myself – being software developer by specialty – why couldn’t I combine all the positive factors of complex systems, which are profitable on paper, into simple trading system with custom indicators for MetaTrader4 platform? Well – I could. And I did.

The answer is YES – the system was performing more than great during the recent months: 960+ pips in August, 890 pips in September, 1120 pips in October and 1014 pips in November!

Also the sytem was updated and verified on December 2014 – still working with huge profits! Make 1000 pips every month only on 1 pair! Trade more pairs and make it double, triple or more.

This trading system works well on other forex currency pairs as long as they are volatile enough. If they become flat, system just won’t suggest you trading. I designed it on EUR/USD pair and tested on major volatile pairs.

This forex trading system works well on 5M time frame and all higher. It works good on 1M also, but using such small time frame decreases win/loss ratio and increases the risk of being wiped out by price gaps (it is impossible to predict price gaps, especially in such small time frames), while you will have a lot of trades and potencially much higher profit.

This forex trading system includes custom indicators, but arrows in pictures are just for information purposes to show the entry and exits points, generated by the system). None of time periods were removed, and as you can see only one trade was loosing (3 pips loss), while winning trades gained 1121 pips of profit (that is 1121 USD trading 0.1 lot, and 11210 USD trading 1 lot!).

In period of August 1-31 the system gained 1055 pips, winning all 18 trades! Thats 58 pips per trade! This performance was achieved on EUR/USD pair, H1 timeframe.

After testing tons of strategies I can tell that this one is one of the few most efficient and profitable trading strategies which makes trading profitable. You can use this forex trading system in any volatile or trending market any time frame.

This trading strategy offers you possibility to trade both in volatile chaotic and trending market, it uses same strategy but 2 different styles for both market conditions. This raises value of this strategy – most of the strategies sold on eBay or elsewhere can perform well only ir particuar market condition.

Just look at the pictures: full month of trading possibilities by the forex trading system, no loss trades exluded! 100% guaranteed!

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