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Secrets of Instant Forex Cash!25-Year-Old Maverick Trader Strips Himself Bare And Invites You To… Discover His Secrets To Outrageous Currency Riches!

Then See How This NASDAQ Trader Does So Using Nothing More Than 2 Proven, Plug-In-And-Profit Formulas Stolen From The Stock Market…

Which You, Too, Can Use (Regardless Of Experience) To Pump Fast, Easy Cash Into Your Trading Account While You’re Busy Working… Sleeping…Or Just Goofing Off!

It’s a strategy I stole from my days of plundering the NASDAQ and Dow Jones Index — and, true to form, it works like a charm in the FOREX market as well!

I’ve been using it for the last 18 months. My closed circle of trading buddies have been using it. And let me tell you…

And I can do this at ANY time of the day — morning, noon or night. It doesn’t matter: Pockets of cash are always accumulating, waiting, ready to be sucked dry and…

So, if you’ve never set foot in the FOREX market before, perfect! Your first encounter will be one of the most profitable experiences of your trading life!

And if you’re a trader who’s about to give up because you’re sick and tired of being slaughtered by never-ending losses, hold on!

Because, like me, they were influenced by the Old Guard. The dinosaurs. The institutional traders who thrive on, and fuel the myth that trading is harder than it really is.

They profess that spending hours upon hours poring over charts… waiting for trends to change… reading about fundamentals… experimenting with technicalities… and doing a whole bunch of other useless stuff… is the way to trading nirvana.

That type of poison will have you racing towards a dead end where most traders crash and burn in a heap of mental and physical exhaustion, usually after months (and sometimes years) of toiling 7-12 hours a day in front of the computer, acting on fear, greed, and faulty judgment.

Flush with cash and filled with ignorance, I swallowed the myth, purchasing my first "trading package" for $2,500 from one of those large, institutional websites.

I fed off the hype of the media, studying stories, and aping trading strategies of people who were hailed as daytrading mavericks, making hundreds of thousands from home.

Some are in the crash and burn heap… some have lost most — if not all — of their money. Some have gone back to the 9 – 5 grind. And some, like myself, have embraced…

It’s the same, exact type of trading I used in the stock market. Why I didn’t experiment with it before buying those expensive discretionary packages, I don’t know.

So much so that I spent hundreds of hours, testing and tweaking… re-testing and tweaking… until I was satisfied I had a 100% fool-proof, money-making formula that uses no feeling, no judgment and no hunches!

One where you just plug in a pre-determined formula, and watch it spit out data which instantly tells you whether to go "red" or "green"… place your trades… go about your day… then log in later to see how much cash you’ve made.

True. I didn’t realize this until I was on vacation with my girlfriend and trading buddies in the Bahamas last August.

And there were days I realized that, while we were all sun-bathing on the pool deck, one of my buddies, Dave, would disappear for half hour blocks into the nearest Internet cafe.

After emerging from there, he’d wave to us, indicating that he was headed out to the streets. And, the next thing you know, approximately 20 minutes later… he’d be back with wads of cash.

And on the day of the revelation I asked, "Dave, why do you keep going to the ATM? Don’t you have enough cash?"

Turns out Dave had been cashing out his winnings at Moneygram each day he applied the 1-2-3 strategy listed above. And, yep, he’s admitted that he’s addicted to the easy cash.

Truth is — he doesn’t want to be cured of it. But that’s his choice. It may not be yours. Personally, I don’t like to be the slave to my money but, as you’ll soon taste it for yourself, it is hard not to get addicted! So be warned…it’s not my fault if you do get hooked…

Only my trading buddies knew what I had done. Only they knew the sheer power of the system I’d put together. And even though we were making money hand over fist from the markets,

Think about it: If you discovered a system that handed you easy cash… a system that most people would be able to copy… would you share it freely with the world?

And that’s what we did. We traded in this "brotherhood of silence", making money, week in, week out, for the last 18 months.

But soon, it began to feel empty. Cliché. At least… to me it did. And, suddenly, I had this overwhelming desire to share with new and struggling traders…

Of course, that didn’t go over well with my trading clique. They somehow felt that it thousands of traders started implementing our techniques, it would cut into our profits.

But nothing couldn’t be further from the truth. The FOREX is a trillion dollar market. There’s more than enough money for everyone.

So, here you are… about to be exposed to powerful, money-making information that many people — for some reason or the other — won’t have access to.

But… Read more…

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