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Raj Napal - Brampton Edition! - Forex RobotMy name is Bob Newman. I have been trading forex for the past 18 years. Before the days of MT4, I was using the most basic charts that most traders today may laugh at. The truth is, it made me a good trader since I actually learned "true" Price Action. I one day discovered a very accurate algorithm that grew my balance time and time again! I then built a FOREX ROBOT based from my profitable system so that I can have my trading done 100% Automated! I introduce to you, Raj Napal. With my EA, you will now get the chance to be as successful as me. You can grab your copy today and start growing your account!

If you are looking for a "Set And Forget" trading experience, you are lucky to have come here. Raj Napal is for you! This robot will definitely grow your account and all you need to do is run it on your platform. This is a 100% AUTOMATED TRADING ROBOT that uses some of the most profitable algorithms that were ever discovered.

Over the years, the Raj Napal development team had been studying and testing certain price action patterns in the market and discovered a certain algorithm that made a steady profitable growth overall without the use of risky money management formulas. As soon as our team had completed the heavy testing on our PROFIT GENERATING ROBOT, we decided to build it into an "Automated" system where it proved to be a real Winning EA. This EA has been making pips for years. We want you to have the privilege of owning Raj Napal and let it grow your account but before that, you should see the information below and YOU can decide for yourself.

Let me emphasize on one thing. Forex is a tough business if you do not have the proper tools and plan. Around 15 years ago, there were not as many traders as there are today. Back in those days which is not too long ago actually, forex has evolved and lots of new algorithms and tools have been applied now a days. Forex trading is something that you CAN actually enjoy if you have what it takes.

With a profit generating EA like Raj Napal, there are lots of things you will not have to worry about. For example, these are the obstacles that general traders face…

I am a forex newbie. Can Raj Napal benefit me? Yes. Since the robot does all the work for you, almost anyone can benfit from using it.

Does Raj Napal work with all brokers? Yes. All you need is the Metatrader 4 platform.

What kind of formula does Raj Napal use? It is actually based from a series of formulas such as Manta, Donchian etc.

What settings should I use with Raj Napal? We will provide you readymade "SET" files that you can easily just load in an instant and the EA will automatically adjust to the best/recommended settings.

I can get emotional at times, will your robot cope with that? There is no need to get emotional because all you need to do is keep Raj Napal running. You can stay away from your computer almost all the time so your emotions don’t stand a chance.

Can I use Raj Napal on a demo account? Yes. You can use it on a demo account or live account.

Will I need to buy anything else after this? No! Once you purchase Raj Napal, you will not have to purchase anything else. There are no upsells at all.

Will I… Read more…

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