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Pivot Point Calculator - Multi Function Traders CalculatorThe calculator is used to project your Entry Point, Stop Loss, Profit Target, Your Gain/Profit, number of points to your Entry Point and the number of Units/Lots to place.

S1 = Is the first swing price S2 = Is the second swing price S3 = Is the final swing price

1) Entry Point: This is the ideal entry price. 2) Stop Loss: Where to place your Stop Loss if entry price is reached. 3) Target: Your profit target and possible exit price level. 4) Gain: The amount you will win. 5) PTS To Entry: Number of points to your Entry Price. 6) No Of Units: How many units/lots/contracts you can place based on the information you’ve provided.

The Swing Calculator can be used on any time frame from 5 minutes up to a Daily, Weekly or Monthly time frames.

Full details on how to Swing Trade are in the comprehensive manual which accompanies the Trader’s Calculator software

One of the principles of risk management is the 2 percent rule. The rule states that no more than 2 percent of a total portfolio should be lost on any individual trade. The 2 percent rule is designed to limit a trader’s loss while preserving capital. It’s powerful insurance because it provides a trader with a number; you know before you enter a trade how much you can afford to lose. Applying this principle, a trader can afford to be wrong numerous times and still live to see the next trading day.

1) Enter the Percentage amount of your account you wish to risk on the trade, from 1 to 5. 2) Enter your total capital in the Account Value box. 3) Then you enter your chosen Entry Price. 4) And finally enter your chosen Stop Loss price. After clicking the Calculate button. you’ll be shown the Position Size. This is the number of contracts/lots you can purchase based on the information given.

You will then be given all the possible retracement levels where the prices may bounce back UP from.

Details on how to recognise the reversal patterns at the Fibonacci retracement levels are in the comprehensive manual which accompanies the Trader’s Calculator software.

After clicking the Go–> button, you’ll be shown all the possible Extension Levels to where the price may rise to before meeting resistance and stalling.

ATR: Average True Range Calculator The Average True Range is a measure of volatility. If the ATR is rising, then you know that the volatility is rising. In which case you may wish to stay out of the market depending on your trading method and time frame. Basically if the volatility rises, then your STOP placement becomes more expensive because it’s wider.

2) To signal as to when a 10 day HIGH or LOW has occurred. The program automatically highlights when this event happens. This information can be used either for CHANNEL/RANGE traders, or for TREND following traders who use 10 day highs and lows for entry and exit signals.

How to profit using the ATR is revealed in the manual which accompanies the Trader’s Calculator software.

The Trading Range Forecaster will provide you with the Projected High and Low prices for the next day! This is the very same information/formulae used by companies which advertise a service to provide you, with the next day’s trading range prices…but they’ll charge you a monthly subscription fee of between $100 and $200.

How to use the Projected High and Low for profitable set ups is revealed in the trading manual which accompanies the software.

Pivot Points are used to determine critical price and support/resistance levels. The general idea is to sell when R1 or R2 price level is hit, and… Read more…

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