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My Forex Swing Trader - HomeWelcome to My Forex Swing Trader Greetings and welcome to the exciting world of Forex Swing Trading! Members of My Forex Swing Trader receive access to an exclusive advisory service which provides trading recommendations for 4 of the most widely traded currency pairs. All recommended trading signals are sent by E-mail between 5 PM and 6 PM New York Time. Because we are swing trading on the daily charts – our trading signals are only generated at the end of the trading day. We certainly do not want you to be glued to your computer or your phone – we just want you to earn wealth safely and quickly. The advisory service is ideal for any size trading accounts – even small trading accounts as small as $2,000. There are 3 keys to trading success: 1. Have a great trading plan 2. Have good discipline 3. Have proper money management. Our trading advisory service provides you with the plan and the discipline – you provide the money management (which we help you with too ) and you have a very high chance of success. What is Swing Trading Swing trading usually involves holding a trade for around 1 – 4 days, typically less than a week. Can you hold trades longer than this? Of course, but this is just a general rule of thumb. Some markets are more suitable for swing trading and it is important that you are trading the right currency pair if swing trading forex markets. Swing traders ride the swings or oscillations that markets make as the currency pair pivots from one price level to another. Our system uses set technical rules to identify a trending market – our system does not try to pick tops and bottoms – we are happy with riding the middle of a nice fat trend – and the fatter the better. Are we a robot? Absolutely not – robots do not work in the long run – they may generate profits for a short period – but eventually – your account blows up – and that is not why we are here. Read more…

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