MTF MA Crosses Arrows Lines Indicator Download

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MTF MA Crosses Arrows Lines Indicator displays moving average crosses with arrows or/and lines.
38 averaging methods(slow and fast), 22 prices, show only at chart arrows or lines on cross or show lines with arrows, alerts, multitimeframe, custom time frames.

38 averaging methods:
Ahrens moving average
Alexander moving averaze – ALXMA
Double exponential moving average – DEMA
Double smoothed exponential morine areraze – DSEMA
Ema derivative – EMAT
Exponential moving average – EMA
Fractal adaptive moving average – FRAMA
Hull moving averaze – HMA
Intearal of linear rearession slope
Instantaneous trendline
Laguerre filter
Leader exnonential moring average
Linear regression value – LSMA
Linear weighted moving average – LWMA
McGinley Dynamic
McNichoil ema
Non lag moving average
Parabolic weighted moving average – PWMA
Recursive moving trendline -RMTA
Simple moving average – SMA
Simple decycler -SDEC
Sine weighted moving average
Smoothed moving average – SMMA
Super smoother
Three pole Ehlers Butterworth
Three pole Ehlers smcother
Triangular movine averaze – TMA
Tripple exponential moving average – TEMA
Two pole Ehlers Butterworth
Two bole Ehlers smoother
Volume weighted ema – VEMA
Volume weighted moving average – VWMA
Zero lag dema
Zero lag moving average
Zero lag tema

22 prices:
Average median body(open+close)/2
Trend biased price
Trend biased (extreme) price
Heiken ashi close
Heiken ashi open
Heiken ashi high
Heiken ashi low
Heiken ashi median
Heiken ashi typical
Heiken ashi weighted
Heiken ashi average
Heiken ashi median body
Heiken ashi trend biased price
Heiken ashi trend biased(extreme) price
Download MTF MA Crosses Arrows Lines Indicator:

MTF MA Crosses Arrows Lines Indicator
MTF MA Crosses Arrows Lines Indicator

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