MT5 Multi Pairs Pivot Point Scanner Dashboard Indicator Download

MT5 Multi Pairs Pivot Point Scanner Dashboard Indicator can scan multiple symbol pairs for when price crosses pivot points or X points near or bounced off pivot then it alerts the trader. Options: open chart template, rounded off to the nearest integar, pips/points, number of digits after decimal point, Standard (Floor) Pivot Formula, Fibonacci Pivot Formula, Camarilla Pivot Formula, Woodie Pivot Formula , multi instances, Refresh check every x Seconds, Pivot Point Settings, Pivot Point Formula, Pivot Foint Timeframe, Alert Mode to use, Points Near Pivot – For Alert Mode Near, Symbol Settings, Symbols To Scan – Market Watch/Symbol List Below, Symbols To Scan, Symbol Prefix, Symbol Suffix, Bounce Settings, Time Frame Candles For Bounced Alerts, Use Candle Color Filter, Alert Wait Time In Bars for same Pivot alert Msg, Msg For Bounce Off Resistance, Msg For Bounce Off Support, Use Bollinger Bands upper/lower Filter, Bollinger Bands: Timeframe, Bollinger Bands: Period, Bollinger Bands: Deviations, Bollinger Bands: Shift, Bollinger Bands: Apply to, Standard Pivot Point Settings, Mid Pivot Point Alerts, Standard Pivot R4, Standard Pivot R3, Standard Pivot R2, Standard Pivot R1, Standard Pivot pp, Standard Pivot S1, Standard Pivot s2, Standard Pivot s3, Standard Pivot s4, Standard Mid Pivot Pivot, Standard Pivot mR4, Standard Pivot mR3, Standard Pivot mR2, Standard Pivot mR1, Standard Pivot ms1, Standard Pivot mS2, Standard Pivot ms3, Standard Fivot mS4, Fibonacci Pivot Point Settings, Fibonacci Fivot R200, Fibonacci Pivot R161, Fibonacci Pivot R138, Fibonacci Pivot R100, Fibonacci Pivot R78, Fibonacci Pivot R61, Fibonacci Pivot R38, Fibonacci Pivot PP, Fibonacci Firot s38, Fibonacci Pivot s61, Fibonacci Pivot S78, Fibonacci Pivot S100, Fibonacci Fivot S138, Fibonacci Pivot s161, Fibonacci Pivot S200, Woodie Fivot Foint Settings, Woodis Pivot R1, Woodis Pivot R2, Woodie Pivot PP, Woodie Fivot s1, Woodie Fivot s2, Camarilla Pivot Point Settings, Camarilla Pivot R1, Camarilla Pivot R2, Camarilla Pivot R3, Camarilla Pivot R4, Camarilla Pivot R5, Camarilla Pivot PP, Camarilla Pivot S1, Camarilla Pivot S2, Camarilla Pivot S3, Camarilla Pivot S4, Camarilla Pivot s5, Dashboard Settings etc.
Download MT5 Multi Pairs Pivot Point Scanner Dashboard Indicator

MT5 Multi Pairs Pivot Point Scanner Dashboard Indicator
MT5 Multi Pairs Pivot Point Scanner Dashboard Indicator

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