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MT5 All Pivots Indicator can plot MTF multi pivots points lines on the Metatrader 5 chart. Range mode: High/Tow Range, Upper Range(High-Base Price) and Lower Range (BasePrice-Low), close Range (Close-Close[1]). Options: TimeFrame, Source Chart TimeFrame, Unique Name, Length in periods (ez, 2=2 davs), Pivot Mode, Pivot values(ratios), Base Price, Base Hour Shift (eg.0-start of the dar), Range Mode, Range Avgeraze Periods, Session Start Hour (eg. 9 for DAX. O-for Forex), Session End Hour (eg, 22 for DAX. O-for Forex), Numher of digits after decimal point, Show Pivots, Show Piovts On Weekend etc. Base price: Previous Close, Current Open, Current Median, Previous High, Previous Low, Previous Median, Previous Typical, Previous Weighted Close, Previous Weighted Open, Average Close for Source Chart, Median Close for Source Chart. Pivot mode: Floor(Base Price=Previous Typical), Camarilla (Base Price=Previous Close), Demark’s Pivots,Fibo Relative or Average Range Levels, Fibo Absolute (in pips), Woodie’s Pivots (Base Price=Previous Weighted Open), DOTS Method Levels (Base Price=Current Open), Central Pivot Range (Base Price=Previous Typical), Statistical Pivots.
Download MT5 All Pivots Indicator

MT5 All Pivots Indicator
MT5 All Pivots Indicator

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