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MT4 World Timezones Indicator will display world timezones on a chart, change the display color when each market zone is open. MT4 World Timezones Indicator will correctly account for worldwide ST/DST changes unique to each timezone. Options: highlight market open, local open hour, Local Close Hour, Sydney Local Open Hour, Sydney Local Close Hour, Tokyo Local Open Hour, Tokyo Local Close Hour, Do low spread alerts, do low spread arrows, Show Bar Time, Show Broker, Show Auckland, Show Sydney, Show Tokyo, Show China, Show Jakarta, Show India, Show Dubai, Show Moscow, Show Israel, Show Helsinki, Show Berlin, Show London, Show UTC GMT, Show Brazil, Show Newyork, Show Central, Show Mexico, Show Mountain, Show Pacific, Show Local, Show Pip Spread, Show Bid Price, Show Volume, Show Range, Show Pips 2 open, Show Average Period Range, Show Average Daily Range, APR Period, APR Bars, ADR Bars, APR Label Shows Minutes, Show DIBS London, Suppress bar HH below H1, broker MMSS is Gold standard, high volume bars compared, DIBS London Open Hour, DIBS London Close Hour, Weekend Test Mode etc.
Download MT4 World Timezones Indicator

MT4 World Timezones Indicator
MT4 World Timezones Indicator

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