MT4 Currency Meter Trading Dashboard EA Download

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MT4 Currency Meter Trading Dashboard EA has many funtions: buy orders one click button, sell orders one click button, close orders button, high price, ask price, point range, bid price, low price, bid ratio, spread, pips to open, buy total lots, sell total lots, how many buy/sell orders, buy profit/loss pips, sell profit/loss pips, custom all single pair selection/buy/sell/close buttons, total profit/loss pips, single pair, close all button, close profit button, close loss button etc. Options:Use the default 28 pairs, Dashboard update interval, Magic Number, autotrade, Use pips, Minimum pips to open position, Use heat map, timeframe for heat map, minimum % heatmap to open position, Max trades per pair, Max total trades overall, Max Spread Allow, Basket Take Frofit in $, Basket Stop Loss in $, Trail the last set lock, Trail distance 0 means last Iock, Stop after this many profitable baskets, Takeprofit percent adr r10) , Stoploss adr percent adr (10), Stop after this many losing baskets baskets, Only adds trades in profit, Close all trades after session(s), Use Session, session start, session end, TimeFrame to open chart, user template etc.
Download MT4 Currency Meter Trading Dashboard EA

MT4 Currency Meter Trading Dashboard EA
MT4 Currency Meter Trading Dashboard EA

1000pip Builder Download

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