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Mine Bitcoins – Quick and easy guideBitcoin is an new currency that has evolved quickly the last years, the value of one Bitcoin is now over houndres of US dollars. The graph shows the growth in value for Bitcoins, at the same time as the hardware needed to mine Bitcoin decrease in cost.

Bitcoin is sometimes refereed as the new gold rush, this meaning that anyone can mine for the currency, all that is needed is a computer with a decent graphics card and specialized software.

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Our guide will step-by-step give you the know how on how to start mining for the new gold, it will show you how to set-up your computer to become a automated gold digger, your computer will do the hard work while you sleep! The guide explains on how to pool up with other miners to faster find the gold you are looking for and ensuring that you will gain profit quicker.

If you have read about mining on other sites you will know that many says that it is no longer profitable to mine for coins, that is true if you do not have the information that our guide provides. Ensure to read our guide or you may end up loosing money!

The guide also includes optimization guides to ensure that you get the optimal performance from your mining operation, learn how to speed up the mining process by using secret customized settings for your hardware.

The guide explains step by step on how Bitcoin works so you get to know the insights, the guide includes additional information on how to ensure that you secure the Bitcoins that you mine so they do not get lost or stolen.

As a bonus the guide includes information about the new trends in mining, using specialized ASIC hardware to speed up mining process and the possibilities to outsource parts of the mining process.

We will also cover other forms of cryptocurrency and explaining the difference between them and how to be part of the alternative mining possibilities that has been created by new currencies like Litecoin.

With our mini-guide you will get a quick start on how to earn money on Bitcoin, we provide it fully free of charges. Signup in the below form and you will get the guide via e-mail

USA Today- Nov 18th 2013 : “Lawmakers are grappling with how and whether to regulate the virtual currency”

Forbes- Nov 19th 2013 : “If you want to join the … party, be my guest. The value of a Bitcoin in dollar terms has tripled in the past month as the price has gone parabolic. Who’s to say it can’t triple again in the next month?”

Your Bitcoins can be exchanged for US Dollars or any other currency that you would like to exchange the Bitcoins that you mine, there are several different exchange sites, our guide describes more about these on how to convert your coins to cash in your hand.

Several on-line stores and retailers are accepting payment in Bitcoins, there are banks to deposit your coins in and gain interest on them.

You can also keep them in your wallet and waiting for the value to rise even more to make more profit out of your investments.

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