Learn To trade the Forex Market : Learn Technical Analysis From Beginner To Pro: From Beginner To Pro

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Let me just tell you guys why I became a Technical Analysis, maybe you can relate.

I wanted to be able to work from home, not taking orders from no one, I hate working a 9-5 job, I want to do thing my way! For me, if this was my dream I was left with two choices, become a online salesman,(" selling other people products") which is really hard to do, or, learn about the Forexmarkets, trading and technical analysis, learn the difference between gambling and doing what the big names on Wall Street are doing and actually educating myself on how to make money and being constantly profitable. This is what i did, and this is what I want you to do, success starts with you just deciding. Start today, decide and live your dream.

The book is set up in steps, its simple and you don't need any formal education to understand or learn what we will cover. We start out Slow and build on top of what we learn.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Structure

The first day
Setting the foundation
The moves of the markets Support and resistance
Lets look at the Chart
Lets look into the future
Trend – How it works Identifying Trend
Trend – The sequel
Looking at the Trends
The HH HC and LL LC principal

Chapter 2 : DT-DB and Harmonics

The most basic pattern
The how and the why
Identifying DT/DB
Double Top
Double Bottom
What are Harmonics

Chapter 3 : Indicators

RSI = Relative Strength Index
MACD = Moving Average Convergence Divergence
What to come

Chapter 4 : Fibonacci

Fibonacci ratio Trading
Fibonacci sequence
Now it starts to become interesting
Well that can ́t be a coincident
Retracements in use !
Extensions in use !
Fibonacci in action
The purpose

Chapter 5 : Adding to Our toolbox

Our toolbox
AB=CD sum up
The Three drives pattern
The basic Flag – Pennant – Triangle and Wedge Patterns
The Flag Pattern
The Pennant Pattern
The Triangle Pattern
Ascending Triangle
Descending Triangle
The Wedge Pattern
Rising Wedge
Falling Wedge
ATR or Average True Range
The use of ATR
Using ATR for Stops and Targets
Major Structure
Minor Structure

Chapter 6 : Improved technical analysis

Improved technical analysis
Why some fail trading the Improved patterns
Gartley Pattern
Fixed pip stop
113.1 Fib inversion stop ATR stop
The Bat Pattern
The Butterfly Pattern

Chapter 7 : Building your trade plan

Why do you want to trade ?
Writing down your trading plan
Why writing down the plan helps you
What needs to be in a Trading plan
Risk Management – Risk to Reward
Risk management system
Setting your risk
Price Action
Your Eggs in the basket

Chapter 8 : Develop your System or Strategy

The DYS (Develop your strategy)
The DYS method
Develop your System or Strategy
Altering the System
The Power of the DYS
Taking the Trade
The Graceful Exit
How to utilize the Graceful Exit

Chapter 9 : Back Testing

Do we need to back test?
Arnolds 18 hour workday
The two main reasons
Part one
Part two
Your Treasure chest
Putting the spreadsheet together
What needs to be in a spreadsheet ?
Examples of Spreadsheets

Chapter 10 : Master Your Mind

Those who say I can and those who say I cant are both usually right
The World we live in
Pretending to go through life
But I Tried!
There will never be the right time
The Secret (law of attraction)
The Fear of Pain
The power of the mind
The Graveyard
The answer to your problems
Are you serious?
Combining your mind to your skill set
Be one step ahead
The do ́s and don ́ts of trading

Chapter 11 : What do you want, Goal Settings

The Past – Present and the Future
The Past
The Present
The Future
The reason
How to achieve you goals

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