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HTBWS VIP PROGRAM OFFER • JB MarwoodContaining all of my top-rated Udemy courses and trading systems, plus exclusive videos, PDF guides and information only available to VIP members.

I have four top-rated trading courses on Udemy. With membership you will gain instant access to all four courses. That’s over 15 hours of content and a combined value of over $600.

You will gain access to over 30 of my best trading systems and investing models. Many were built in Amibroker while some were developed in Portfolio123.

Membership will allow you access to exclusive Amibroker videos not found anywhere else on the web. You will also receive Amibroker code and full rules for each system.

The How to Beat Wall Street full eBook (249 pages) allows you to see the original performance of the first 20 trading systems and includes some extra material not included in the HTBWS course.

With the HTBWS VIP package you will also gain access to my personal expertise and years of trading experience. Any question you have related to trading will be received and answered to the best of my ability.

Membership to HTBWS VIP will also allow you access to new material and updates as I continuously refine the membership and add new trading strategies and content. Remember, you only pay once.

There are some good trading systems outlined here and the Amibroker code is provided. This makes it easy to get started quickly. I’ve learnt a lot from this that I’ve been able to implement in my trading.

I’ve been trading for a little while but I got a lot of great info from Joe’s course especially on the trading systems themselves. He illustrates well how each system works and what kind of return it had with back testing.

There is so much information here. I’m not all the way through the course yet, but I can tell you, that just based on the eBook, the content, the style, I’m giving this one five stars. Nice job.

A.I worked as a professional futures trader in London where I would day trade European and US stock indices and German government bonds. My mentor was the former head of global trading for a well known investment bank. I now run a private investment fund where I manage a portfolio of US and European equities. I also maintain a pot of capital for short-term trades.

A.No. All of the trading strategies are revealed in plain language and back-test results are either presented in charts or shown as live recordings – so you do not need Amibroker to understand how they work. There is also plenty of essential information not related to Amibroker in the program. You can always download the free trial at a later point if you want to test the systems out for yourself.

A.I have developed a number of trading systems that I like to keep an eye on in order to find low risk investment opportunities. I prefer to use a semi-automated strategy and combine experience and intuition to trade stocks and futures on daily or weekly timeframes. I also look at fundamentals and use strategies that are based on historically profitable back tests. I keep a separate pot free for short-term opportunities when they arrive.

A.The program includes strategies that fit a number of characteristics, both short-term and long term, trend following and mean reversion. I am always on the lookout for profitable strategies but I find that most short-term strategies fail to stand up to robustness testing. My preferred strategies on the program are Trend… Read more…

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