HAPPY PIPS! How to setup a Trading Plan that will guarantee your FOREX Success!: FOREX Trading to Success!

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They say if you go nowhere, you’ll get there. To the majority of FOREX Traders, Trading Plan is something like the “fineprint” on important Documents. We know it’s there, we know there may be hidden traps in it with tremendous cost or repercussions and yet, we never read it.

Ignoring the importance of setting up a Trading Plan is most traders’ first step to a usually brief journey leading to a dead Account because losing money in the Markets, is what most traders do.

You’re reading this Book and it means you’re NOT one of them.

“The smart person learns from his mistakes.
The wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”

What I’m about to share with you in this Book is based on my own mistakes and that’s how I can guarantee it works. It is not theory coming from my assumptions or logical conclusions. It’s actionable knowledge that paid for with my “blood money”, money I couldn’t afford losing but lost.

Having a Trading Plan means that you start with the “end” in mind and instead of a Goal or a set of Goals, you have a SYSTEM, that can be broken down to monthly, weekly and daily milestones.

Setting a Goal doesn’t make you a winner. Achieving the Goal does.

But when you have a SYSTEM in place, you are a Winner by default because your SYSTEM will take you to whichever Goal you choose almost on “Auto-Pilot”.

It has been proven scientifically, that us humans have willpower in very limited supply. As a result of this fact, channeling any amount of willpower to our Trading, turns it into “mission impossible”. We must find a way to increase our success rate, doing the right things repeatedly without having to use any willpower at all. That means we have to “automate” our Trading minimizing the “thinking” that has to be put to it. There is no better “automation model” than a DAILY HABIT. After a number of repetitions, during which willpower is necessary, our Subconscious Mind takes over and the whole process becomes a ROUTINE.

Setting a Trading Plan is about designing the structure of this ROUTINE.

Starting from the Criteria to pick the right FOREX Broker, then opening the right type of Account, then familiarizing yourself with METATRADER Software and finally setting your Trading Plan, this Book is a comprehensive Guide towards establishing the most effective Daily Trading Routine.

If you wonder how important this is, I can confidently argue that maybe 90% of Trading Success depends on it.

Once you finish studying the Book you’ll agree.

Happy pips!

Sofia S.

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