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FXMorgan - Managed Forex Accounts. My booksI’ve been doing positioning trading on Forex for many years now. I don’t trade often, just once or twice a week and I keep my trading operations open for only several days. This is a system which works, as was tested by experience, and it also gives a pretty good profit, a lot of free time and spiritual comfort.

But at the moment I want to tell you about a different trading strategy with higher risks but at the same time with results that are ways higher than those of long term trading strategy. This other strategy is named "scalping".

About a year ago I wrote in my news that I am working on a new trading strategy which I will use along with my current system. And it’s just now, a year later that I decided to write a book with a detailed description of this trading strategy.

This isn’t a big book, it’s just 10 pages long. But it is packed up with information. This is something like a step-by-step guide book for successful trading.

Absolutely all steps and points of trading by scalping system are described and explained in detail. Here you will find out when exactly you need to open the deals, which volume to enter each particular deal with, when to leave the market and close the deals.

Speaking on the overall, I described a trading strategy in a maximally understandable language without leaving a single question unanswered. I tried to write the book so that even someone new to Forex who has just started trading and only knows its basic rules could still trade successfully using my system.

This book doesn’t only describe all the details of trading, it also contains graphs that have marks with explanations on them. What I want to say is that you will not only understand from words but also see with your own eyes how trading by my system goes.

After everything that was mentioned above I can say with great confidence that absolutely any person can learn this trading strategy even if he’s new to the business.

And the person who learns it will become totally self sufficient. He won’t need anyone else any longer, neither the analytics agencies, nor the signals providers, nor the account managers. He’ll be able to increase his account by 100% within a month, trading no more than 4 hours per day.

With just $54.95 you’ll get a very simple, yet detailed guide book with graphical examples by using which you’ll be able to start making money even today.

* After making the payment you’ll get to the page with the link via which you can download the book in PDF format.

My clients and buyers of my book are asking me about video lessons. Many want to see real time scalping. I decided to provide this service.

The payment for this service is $200 per week. 5 business days, 2 hours daily, you will see how the real time scalping which I had described in my book in detail works. Read more…

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