FXCP: FOREX CASH PROTECTOR The First Real Money Management Forex Trading EA – Automated Forex Money Management

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FXCP: FOREX CASH PROTECTOR The First Real Money Management Forex Trading EA - Automated Forex Money ManagementWe all know what it is like to trade accurately and trade in the right direction and then see 1 HUGE

LOSS take it all away. Sounds familiar? Sounds like what all the robots on the forex market are trying

what these robots don’t. Even in the hardest of economic conditions Forex Cash Protector will hold on

We are holding back your cash, your capital, holding out for the next profitable trade during the most

The Forex Cash Protector trading expert comes equipped with excellent money management, low drawdown and dynamic profitable trading functionalities. Its unique never before seen profit taking feature and low exposure to risk sets it apart from the rest of robots on the market today. With varying money management strategies it allows the flexibility of a conservative, moderate or aggressive approach to accomplish trading success.

Simply Amazing! Set it, forget it and watch your profits grow! That is what FXCP is all about. It will do all the necessary money management for you. FXCP will automatically place your trade with effective money management in mind. Then manage the progress of the trade and when it is profitable will intelligently secure your profits to ensure maximum return.

Forex Cash Protector has the ability to expose a small percent of your trading portfolio to risk on each trade. During the period January 2nd, 2008 – December 1st, 2009 FXCP made 459% on a $50,000 dollar account with a low drawdown through the use of intelligent lot management. See for yourself:

Forex Cash Protector is able to incorporate two (2) different types of money management strategies and has displayed, over the course of time, through the toughest of economic conditions the ability to preserve capital by employing a fair to moderate amount of risk to each trade.

Forex Cash Protector also uses two(2) main strategies. One for the "slowly but surely" traders who believe in achieving moderate gains with very little risk over the course of time (This strategy is traded on the 1 Hour Time Period and trades less frequently). The other strategy is very effective on a 5 minute chart and is able to trade frequently. It carries more risk, however the key to this strategy is that Forex Cash Protector does not risk more than what a fraction of your trading account’s balance is able to manage.

January 2nd, 2008 – November 30, 2009. Results from a $10,000 dollar account on 1 Hour Chart. A 257% increase in portfolio size.

So whether you have a Thousand dollars or even a Million this is the type of expert advisor you want trading by your side, in conjunction with your overall trading objectives. This is a must have in your trading arsenal.

Get Your Personal Copy Of Forex Cash Protector Today. Each Purchase Is Uniquely Created With You The Individual In Mind. Therefore The World Won’t Be Using The Exact Same Expert Advisor As You! Truly Money Well Spent!

Q: Do I need to risk money if FXCP works the way as shown on your site? No! FXCP allows you to trade using a demo account until you are comfortable with opening a live account. (You can open a demo account with any broker for free and for as long as you want!). Also you have the opportunity to return FXCP for a full no questions asked refund! This is a risk free opportunity to you.

Q: How much money do I need to trade? You can start trading with as little as US $500.00, though we recommend you start with more, for your own benefit. FXCP will manage your trading account accordingly regardless of the amount you start with. Read more…

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