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Free FX Trading RobotCheck Out the Live Performance (5mins delayed) of our Real Money Account of our Forex scalping robot with AskoBid.

Keep on reading to learn how you can take advantage of the hottest trend in finance right now, automated forex trading systems.

Up until recently, having a profitable forex automated trading system meant your either worked for an investment bank, a hedge fund, or you had at least 1m in liquid assets outside your family home to invest.

This is no longer the case, in recent years new technologies and regulations have opened up market opportunities to anyone with $1,000.

Banks and hedge funds spent an approximate $3.1 Billion USD last year on developing automated trading systems, this figure includes human resources as well as IT and infrastructure spending.

Why is it that they continue to spend billions of dollars on developing automated trading strategies? Well, the answer is simple, because they work! Banks for several decades have employed automatic trading systems as a means to add to their bottom lines.

Forex is exploding in trading volumes, and now it’s estimated online retail forex trading makes up over 10% of total fx spot market volumes, this is a massive shift, ordinary every day people now are very active in the currency markets when only just a few years ago getting fair access was a pipe dream, now any one can participate in the world’s biggest market.

With all the rules, regulations and high barriers to entry in the stock, options, futures, and commodity markets, forex trading is now becoming the online revolution for traders worldwide…..

Professional traders and large investment firms have been active in the forex markets and using forex systems for many years as they know the true benefits of the largest market in the world.

At the turn of this century, online forex trading opened up to anyone who wanted to participate, the first 5 years of this new revolution saw explosive growth in online volumes, however forex brokers weren’t so "honest" back then, often referred to as "bucket shops" these brokers would charge wide spreads, and trade against you.

Around 2005 online traders caught on, and weren’t happy, we all complained to the authorities and the forex brokers using these shoddy practices. New brokers emerged that were licensed, regulated and provided a transparent pricing model to everyone.

Online traders spoke loudly with their feet and moved funds to the more transparent brokers, thus creating a shift in the industry, where regulated brokers were awarded more business.

The effect this has had along with increased regulation has made every forex broker implement a business model that aligns itself with the trader.

Today forex trading is a much more level and fair playing field than even 5 years ago, most brokers now guarantee no spread widening and client fund segregation.

We all know online trading is the most lucrative job on this planet, it’s why it attracts the brightest minds in the world, as they too know no other profession allows you to work where ever, when ever and with as much money as virtually possible.

You too, believe this as well, as your here reading this page looking to improve your trading profits.

The possibility of traveling around the world with time to experience life and all it has to offer is a dream come true for many traders around the world who have taken action to exploit this opportunity.

You’ve probably heard in the financial news lately, that automated trading is the biggest growth area in modern day finance, with just about every large investment firm in the world employing programmers to design… Read more…

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