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ForexRebellion.comHi, This is Russ Horn and what I am about to reveal to you will make some people very angry, or at least I hope it does!

You see, I believe that there is a great Forex hoax out there that is keeping guys like you and me from really making it big in the Forex world. I believe that too many snake oil salesmen and pumped up gurus have been peddling us lies for years.

Well, like it or not I am about to change that. I am about to reveal a simple to learn, easy to trade system that a complete newbie can learn in 25 minutes.

The simple trade above is just a small sample of what you are about to learn… In fact, what you will discover will blow your socks off…My 3 phase trading systems will have you trading as fast as you can watch a video.

NOTE: Stephen was part of a small group of traders whom I allowed to trade my system just to prove that other people could trade it too.

My name’s Stephen. I came across your course a few months ago and I’ve been using it with my trading and the techniques are amazing.

With the tips that you’ve given us, I’ve probably increased my profits two-fold since I’ve started applying them.

I just want to say that this is probably the greatest course I have come across as far as this is concerned.

3 I have a full-time job so I know how it feels to work and try to trade at the same time. I will show you a simple and easy way to do it!

4 You dont need to buy anything else. There are no monthly fees. The 3 phase trading method is fully revealed!

5 You will have access to me any time you need it! This isn’t one of those things you buy and then never hear from the guy who sold it to you. I trade this every day and will share my knowledge with you.

I’ve been a trader on and off for the past 7 years and I’ve bought just about all there is on the market to give myself the edge. I knew that I needed to become a better trader.

In all these years I must say that I have never felt compelled to write back to the author and comment on their system other than to say that I was unhappy, needed assistance and couldn’t get it from them and so on. Pretty sad really.

However, I felt strong enough to write to you Russ and say well done. You’ve achieved what I have been seeking for years now. A comprehensive, easy to follow visual and audio course that sets itself high above all the clutter out there.

Let me tell you a story. This will be the short version, but believe me, I have cried a few tears in my time. I know what it feels like to have no hope and no future. Anyway, I had been working hard for a long time, too long it seemed. I owned a very small, one man t-shirt print shop. The hours were long and the weeks seemed longer. Often, especially in the summer, I was working 16 hour days, 6 days a week. The money wasn’t good enough to hire anybody, although I tried on several occasions. It always turned out to be more of a headache than a help.

The printing machinery I used wasn’t very good and could never handle the hard work for very long. I always ended up working way too hard on my own. Because of the workload, I missed a lot of my young childrens lives. I was around, but never often enough. It was always a problem to attend school plays or even family functions. I love camping but I could never get enough time to take my kids on a trip – what a waste!

Anyhow, the long hours did provide a little money that I could invest with. I figured it could be a way out of the mess I was in. It was then a friend suggested an investment company that had terrific returns, so with basically no research, I invested my very hard earned money.

You guessed it – after a couple of months, the company went belly-up, taking my hard earned money with them.

It was a good scam. In the beginning it did make really good money, that’s what drew me in, I was getting really excited about the whole thing. The way they made these phenomenal returns was by trading the Forex market. The problem was that they couldn’t sustain the results. In the end I lost everything.

I started the long journey into the world of Forex trading. As overwhelming as it was in the beginning, I finally got a handle on it. I hooked up with a few really good traders who put me onto the right path and I was off like a racehorse.

because I didn’t really have the time for it, my printing company started to falter. I was spending too much time reading and doing other Forex related stuff and not enough time on my companys responsibilities, things were getting tough. I just kept pressing on, often late into the night and often into the early morning.

Here’s the amazing thing! I soon found that I… Read more…

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