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Forex Triple BMy name is Vladimir Ribakov and for the past 11 years I’ve been one of the top Forex traders in the world. I’ve worked for brokerages, hedge funds, and trained thousands of men and women world wide how to get financial freedom through trading Forex.

Since 2011, my trades and those that I recommended my followers to take, are up 51,305 pips. So trust me when I say I’m deadly serious about helping you trade successfully.

When I was 17, my interest in financial markets sparked. Trading currencies and commodities gradually became a serious hobby that I loved in my spare time. I took every seminar and course I could find, and read more than 100 trading books.

A few years later, whilst studying Economics and Business Management, I decided to leap unto the cold water and trade with a large portion of my hard earned money.

The result weren’t pretty to say the least. I lost most of my hard earned savings in just a matter of weeks.

So I saved more money and tried again. This time, with more experience and knowledge, I saw nice profits.

In fact, my parents were so excited and trusted me so much that they invested their savings to trade with.

Being a young, dynamic young man with a lot of self-confidence, I jumped at the opportunity and agreed to trade their money.

Although I’d had a few wins, I didn’t yet have a stable system that generated dependable results. So very soon I’d lost nearly every cent of my parents account.

While honing my trading skills and studying through the night, I got an opportunity to work as a dealer in a Forex company. Looking back, this was the biggest turning point in my life.

My boss recognized my expertise in Technical Analysis as well as my coaching talent, and set up a live trading room for me to trade and manage. At the time it was a huge responsibility. But one that paid off handsomely.

What I discovered through this process was a predictable, lower risk, simple, and profitable way to trade Forex to get dependable results month after month. A way that I started using personally, and soon I sacked my boss and started trading full time. And embark on a way that has allowed me to finally spend time with my family, and give them the love and lifestyle they deserve.

I could continue telling how great the system is, but as the old and wise saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

In this case, it’s not a picture but trading statements taken directly from the MetaTrader platform.

I will now let you inside closed doors, where I developed the Triple B system together with my team.

After the initial stage of development, my team and I needed to produce for ourselves a “proof of concept”. A hard, solid proof that the idea behind the Triple B actually works, actually makes money in all types of market.

For this proof-of-concept, we built a robot that trades the basic rules of the strategy, without the human elements. If we could prove that the basic rules work, then adding the human element will ensure maximum compatibility to all market situations, both regular and abnormal trading days.

We were actually blown away by these results, and immediately knew we have something great in our hands.

To achieve maximum reliability of the test results, we used clean and high quality tick data. “Tick Data” are the actual market quotes… Read more…

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