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Forex Trend HunterForex Trend Hunter is an entirely automatic trading system for the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, developed especially for the needs of ordinary forex traders, yet also used successfully by many professional traders.

Forex Trend Hunter is perhaps the best trend-following and long-term profitable trading system on the market. With its help, you can enjoy the opportunity of making several hundred pips worth of profit per single transaction.

If so far you have mainly used scalping forex robots, you would certainly be convinced that they are strongly dependent on broker trading conditions, and that the least spread widening leads to them making rapid losses: losses of your money. If you are yet another disappointed customer of Asian scalp traders, do look carefully at Forex Trend Hunter.

What does Forex Trend Hunter offer you that makes it unique among other, largely scalping, forex robots out there? Here is what:

An average of 25 pips profit per transaction, which automatically means that you no longer have to search for the perfect broker who offers the lowest spreads. Forex Trend Hunter shall work successfully with any reputable broker.

Over 1500 pips average annual profits over 12 years in three currency pairs: EURUSD, EURJPY and GBPJPY.

Problem-free functioning with any reputable broker, regardless of the order fulfilment type, regardless of whether spreads are fixed or floating, and regardless of whether quotations are four or five digit ones.

We want to show you the backtests for each supported currency pair from Forex Trend Hunter, made ​​for the period from 2000 to 2011 with fixed Lots equal to 1 (one). To see the entire list of trades click over graph.

Forex Trend Hunter is 100% fully automatic, easy to install and use, only a few clicks and you will get a working and trading Expert Advisor. Forex Trend Hunter will give you the freedom and sure incomes for which even you have not dreamed. Developed specifically for the needs of ordinary Forex trader, but successfully used by many professional traders.

Completely free user guide which contains everything you need to download, install and configure Forex Trend Hunter.

Excellent support. We’re available 24 / 5 and do everything necessary to assist in solving your problems or answer your questions.

Forex Trend Hunter has one of the best system for Money Management. Expert adviser wich has no such system in more cases will reset your account for a short time. Forex Trend Hunter gives you the option to specify the risk level you would like to trade.

The best thing. With Forex Trend Hunter you will get a life time free updates. Your robot will always be optimized for the current situation of the forex market. You will be notified always when there is a new version available for download.

Absolute freedom. You have the freedom to use Forex Trend Hunter on unlimited number of accounts both real and demo. There is no restriction.

The chart shows very clearly that for a few weeks Forex Trend Hunter has made ​​about 1500 pips profit. Yes, it is not a mistake 1500 pips just for a few weeks.

Try Forex Trend Hunter for FREE. Yes it is completely free because you have 60 days no question money back guarantee. If within 60 days you are not satisfied with our product, it does not cover your expectations we will refund your money without any question. You will not lose anything. You have 60 days to decide whether or not you are pleased by the results of Forex Trend Hunter. Read more…

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