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Forex Trend BotYou could have made as much as $17,712 just this past summer with ForexTrendBot, a fully automated FOREX Trading Software that trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week!

That’s right, ForexTrendBot Automated FOREX Trading Software really delivers! Delivered as much as $17,712 just this past summer! See the test results below.

This amazing FOREX Trading Software trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, opening and closing trades on its own while you are at work, or while you’re sleeping, or out to dinner or even when you’re on vacation.

My name is Justin Marsh. I am a full time FOREX trader. I love trading FOREX so much that I get up at 2 AM every morning, Monday through Friday, just so I can trade the entire London session. You see, I live in the US central time zone.

During those 9-10 hours a day that I trade, I am constantly looking for new ideas that might develop into a profitable trading system. I look at price patterns, different variations of indicators or different combinations of indicators, different time frames, multiple time frames, and I even look at non-time based charts trying to discover a new profitable trading system.

Over the years, I have developed a number of truly profitable trading systems. I can only concentrate on 2-3 trading systems at a time in my manual trading or I lose focus so some of the profitable trading systems I have developed I do not even use. A friend recommended that I take a few of these profitable trading systems and ask a programmer to create an automated FOREX trading software or Trading Robot that will follow the trading plan completely.

That’s where ForexTrendBot comes in. I took a system that I developed several years ago, dusted it off and gave it to this great programmer who created for me an automated trading software or robot I call ForexTrendBot. ForexTrendBot trades with the exact same trading rules that I manually traded a few years ago. I then tested ForexTrendBot this past summer to see if the system was still profitable and the test results were amazing.

From June 1, 2014 through August 29, 2014, ForexTrendBot could have made you as much as $17,712 trading 1 lot at a time. Not bad for about 3 months of automated trading. During that time ForexTrendBot could have made you as much as $6304 on USDJPY Pair, as much as $3737 EURJPY, as much as $2621 on EURUSD, as much as $3132 on GBPJPY, as much as $1966 GBPUSD, and as much as $1573 on USDCAD. Now obviously there are more currency pairs than this but these are the only 6 currency pairs we tested ForexTrendBot on.

Now I can’t guarantee that ForexTrendBot will make this kind of money in the future but here are the test results from this past summer for you to review.

I have not fully optimized ForexTrendBot. Being a full time trader, I just have not had the time to do so. In fact, I have not optimized it much at all. Optimizing is when you try ever setting variable until you find the best settings that create the most profit. I simply used an educated guess at Take Profit and Stop Loss that I thought would be profitable. I have not tested any other time frames other than the 5 minute time frame, I have not tried any other trend variables or momentum variables, no time of day variables, nothing. I simply just tested ForexTrendBot… Read more…

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