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Forex Trading Secrets E-BookWhile I have been trading for 17 years, it took me five years before I discovered a real strategy that I could use to quit my day job and become a full time trader.

I started trading full time in 2001. I know what it is like to be stuck in the wrong career or job. In my corporate days, I would try to keep try to keep an eye on the market while at work (but we didn’t have smartphones in the 90′s!) and would run home at lunch to check out the latest news and price data. It became difficult to leave my quote monitor and go back to the office at 1 pm CST. I even took a job in California just so I could day-trade the markets for the first hour (since the stock market opens at 6:30 am on the west coast).

I will walk you through a step by step process that will show you how exactly how I develop a trading system. I start with a strategy that was developed four years ago (and published in print to prove it!) and show how it is still profitable today. This book will show you exactly how a professional trading system is developed and is a training course in trading system development. The Tradestation Platform is used to develop the strategy and EasyLanguage programming strategies and tips are disclosed. Even if you don’t have a professional trading platform or computer, there is a strategy in Chapter Five for manually trading from Iphone, Blackberry, or smartphone to trade this one strategy in the after hours markets (5-11 pm CST).

This is a blue print and training course for trading systems research. There are so many tricks to the trade. This is the type of information that I wanted access to when I first started trading. There are so many books that reveal strategies that only work for a one year windows or less or don’t take into account transaction costs. There are so many strategies that are only methods where a decision still needs to be made based on a traders talent and experience. The strategies in my book give exact trading rules so there is no guesswork.

Below are screen shots of the Performance Summaries from the Tradestation Platform by Tradestation Technologies for the three trading systems revealed. The first performance summary is the final strategy that we develop through seven chapters in our E-book. During the process of our research, we found two additional trading systems that could be traded. The rules are simple, un-optimized, and could be improved with your own research or trading approach.

It is a well known fact that most traders lose their initial trading capital within six months. Some of the reasons for this are:

I normally lease non-disclosed trading systems for $50/month per system. Multiple system lease portfolios can be $150/month or $1800/year.

These two books are less than monthly lease of for just one system. I believe these strategies offer great value as both trading systems and education to introduce you to my trading approach. Both books include strategies for day trading and after hours trading. This will provide you with a time diverse approach for trading at different times of the day.

If you are a trader, I strongly encourage you to find a method or strategy for your trading through my books or from someone who has been there. It can take many years to understand how to design a system and the tricks to developing strategies of value. You don’t have to move to a different timezone or quit your day job to start learning.

There is a difference between an indicator based approach or method versus an actual trading system that gives you the rules as well as the buy and sell signals. Indicators and methods can be great but there is so much left open to interpretation. It is easy to show what an indicator could have done. There is no way to really track results with indicator methods unless it is placed within a system. Many popular indicator based approaches could be programmed into a system where the results can be tracked – but they aren’t! This book does not include a set of indicators or an indicator based approach. It is an automated trading system approach with measurable results.

This will take some work on your part to learn the strategies. These strategies are developed in the Tradestation platform. Using the Tradestation platform to trade and study these strategies is highly recommended but not necessary to learn how the strategies work.

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