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Forex Strategy SecretsHere’s the secret of how I transformed my trading from good to great… adding tens of thousands to the bottom-line with the same amount of work. It works for newbies, it works for seasoned traders… It just plain works!

From: Kirk Norwood Monday: 5:15 PM If you are looking for an easy way to at least quadruple your income from Forex Trading, then read every word in this letter . Even if you’re a rookie, you’re about to see how to quickly get "an advantage." Why? Because I’ll show you, from experience, exactly how I do it. Plus , you’ll see this is no isolated incident… And the fact is , the strategies have been compiled from some of the most successful traders in the industry… but never put together like this!

Big claims? Heck Yes… But I’ll prove to you Launch Pad is not some "flash in the pan" strategy. It’s the next obvious step for serious traders who are looking for a "quantum leap" in their trading. And if you’re a newbie… well, don’t fret. Use Launch Pad and your first trading experience will be 4 times bigger! But here’s the best part… using the "Launch Pad" system is a surefire way to multiply your trading efforts. You’ll see how easy it is to find trades and manage them without the emotion you have been experiencing. No hype, I’ll prove it shortly. But first, here’s the story about how Launch Pad came to be.

And if I could pin point one single strategy/system that got me there… it’s the foundation of Launch Pad. Are you missing 75% of the trades? Either you did not see the trade or you were not sure if you should take the trade or not. What if you were able to increase the number of trades you take by 75%? You will see the market in a totally different light and catch those missed trades. This will greatly increase your bottom line just by taking more trades.

Launch Pad is a down to earth no nonsense trading system… it maximizes your trading energies using a combination of simple indicators that fit into a seamless trading program. Launch Pad works for beginning traders… or seasoned traders. You’ll soon see that you now have exact entry and exit signals, no guessing games. The entry and exits are straight forward. The process is friction-free and using it will help you leap frog your trading career. Let’s just say once you tap into this ingenious system… you’ll have an overwhelming advantage… bagging several times what you’ve been making in the past. It can be used for:

Here’s The Best Part of All: It Works Like A Charm When Elements Are Mixed and Matched! In short you can trade it with any style of trading , currency traded, time of day you are trading, time frame used, full or part time. If you’ve been looking for a proven model to leap to the next level with online trading, Launch Pad is the system you seek. And if you’re a complete newbie… it’s going to move you to the big leagues a whole lot faster! It’s the natural evolution of online currency trading … and you will be thrilled to exchange more money for more upgrades and fine tuned training!

Until recently, the old ways of trading were followed because that was the way it was always done – this worked in the past but with all the traders doing the same thing it just bogged down brokers. But in the world of professional currency trading, strategies have been honed to a razor sharp edge. Top traders have spent decades and billions refining them. Some have found their way to the "little guy". But only the basic ones. Someone had to get these two camps together – and unite the relatively small time trader with the humungous "old guard" and their mega-experienced trading savvy. Our many years of trading in many different markets and our unquenchable desire to constantly learn made us the guys for the job. Studying both broker trading and online trading processes of the giants, we started noticing some interesting things…

One of the first discoveries we made was the correct way to size our orders. Watching the good money managers was a perfect exapmle. Do they place large trades when the risk is the greatest? No. They place large lots sizes when the risk is the lowest. Not only that… it is the way they manage the trade. During the many observation sessions we were struck by the fact it didn’t seem like they were emotional while traing! In fact, they were enjoying the trading process. Over the years we have unwittingly compiled the Launch Pad System… We became so fascinated by the trading process, we spent weeks dissecting every nuance in detail. Over another year , we found other little tweaks that added up to big results. We started tweaking indicators and testing them against the process. We integrated some additional tools which have made made it so powerful. But the system was still evolving… We added new strategies to the processes. We watched the wave of sneaky forced Holy Grail offers hitting the web. (You know…you get something and it promises to make you money without trying?) Since we were on the ‘inside" we made a big discovery… even though these "Holy Grail" systems sold like gangbusters, they angered a lot… Read more…

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