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Forex Punch Robot by Anna MontiNOW PIPS BRING MORE And it is not a marketing ploy, not a trick. BRAND-NEW Punch Robot kicks in with a superb rule –

UPDATE! Forex Punch Robot made $273.17 Not a big sum, BUT! Look at the screenshot: we traded first with 0.1 Lot Size and gained 78 pips. Then we changed the Lot to 1.0. Look what we would have earned if we started with bigger Lot Size: 156.4 + 83.0 + 41.6 + 410.4 + 156,74 + 43,81 = $891,95

We traded with 1.0 Lot Size, EURGBP and GBPCHF pairs and M15 timeframe with default settings. No other adjustments. If you prefer 0.1 Lot Size, your trading volume is much lower along with the total risk. But still, Forex Punch Robot can trade with any lot size (even with micro lots) and the total profit of small trades may reach the desired amount in time.

As you know, the British pound has high volatility. For example, in American news the GBPUSD gains 20-30% more than the EURUSD, which allows us to get more profit. To exclude the effect of the news impact on the dollar, we use cross-rates on the British pound: EURGBP and GBPCHF. Furthermore, on these currency pairs 1 pip costs more than $10, so for example, on the EURGBP it is nearly $16 per 1 pip. So:

Therefore, we confidently build the strategy of this robot on a penetration of price levels, after which price continues to significantly move in one direction. Robot defines price levels using fractals, as well as it confirms trade entries using a trend filter.

Novice traders sometimes make the mistake of seeing forex as a simple way to become rich in a short period of time. You should consider the risks and effort that must be put in to achieve such a goal. Placing very large trades in proportion to your account balance in an attempt to make a huge profit is unlikely to be successful in the long term because eventually a trade is likely to go against you and that can lead to severe losses.

One aspect of the forex market that attracts many traders is the opportunity to trade on margin, in other words, leveraged trading. Trading with a small initial deposit can still make it possible for you to open relatively large positions, so it is important not to overdo it when selecting a trade size. Forex is usually traded with a high degree of leverage, which means you are able to provide just a small percentage of the actual amount you are investing while sustaining profit/losses as if you had invested the whole nominal amount yourself. This can work for you as well as against you.

Keeping calm and maintaining a balanced state of mind is crucial when trading in order to remain focused on relevant events. You should always remember that the market’s actions are not personal. And our fully-automated Forex Punch Robot will help you – it will do everything without emotions!

Some novice forex traders begin trading without having sufficient knowledge of their chosen currency pair(s) and how currencies are influenced by global events. You should learn as much as you can about how different financial markets impact each other and how they intercorrelate, ie stocks, bonds, commodities and forex.

This knowledge will help you to make better-informed trading decisions when various economic figures are released. It is also important to identify the type of market that is prevailing to allow you to adjust your strategy accordingly and thus avoid… Read more…

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