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Forex Price Action Trading Course - Graham Blackmore Price Action Trader"I started trading in forex in 2008 scalping the 15 minute charts. It took me a looooong time to realise that longer time frames such as Daily, Weekly and monthly are the best way to trade forex. Dont get me wrong, some people are good in scalping. I joined The Forex Guy in 2013 but I had a really difficult time in changing my mindset from scalping and day trading to Swing trading/position trading. Now as my mindset has changed completely, I am becoming more and more calm, stress free and relaxed in trading on the daily charts. Thank you Graham."

With your new War Room membership, you will have direct access to our advanced Price Action Protocol online trading course. Some War Room traders are now calling this course their ‘trading bible’.

You will learn how to master the skill of reading raw price charts, identify chart conditions perfect for trading, learn low risk/high reward trade setups, be shown advanced money management strategies that will give you an much higher edge in the markets, and you will be able to do all this without the use of any exotic indicators.

The War Room has an active forum community where War Room traders come together and pool their ideas.

War Room members are regularly posting up their charts with trade signals, point out potential developing price action setups, bounce ideas off one another and just get some great discussions going about Forex or just the markets in general.

In the War Room ‘Chart of the Day’ section, we feature a chart that has produced the most interesting price action at the end of each trading day and discuss it in detail. We provide our market analysis, point out possible price action based trade opportunities and discuss trade execution. The ‘Chart of the Day’ really helps War Room traders accelerate their chart reading ability as they learn how to read, and approach the ‘live’ markets on a day to day basis.

At the end of the trading week we put up an exclusive weekly chart commentary video which provides a more detailed commentary of various markets. We discuss/analyse the events & trades that unfolded during the trading week, and identify potential trading opportunities to watch for in the next trading week to come.

A 24/7 live chat room available to all war room members which has now become the most popular feature. So popular in fact that we recently just had to upgrade our web server to support the chat room’s server demand, mainly due to the fact the chat room is always buzzing with conversation. War Room traders come to chill out and chat live with other mature price action traders, talk about the charts, talk with us directly, ask us questions about the charts & developing setups or just engage in general friendly conversation.

The chat room is JavaScript based, meaning that it runs off the default port of your web browser. This means you will be able to access the chat room even from restricted computers like at work, where they tend to block most ports.

"I’m Louis from Paris (France). I’m really glad I found the war room after years of failures in the Forex market. I have blown many accounts… But now I am making profits with The Forex Guy’s Price Action Protocol Course. I am sure we all made the right decision by subscribing to the War Room."

One of the main benefits of becoming a War Room member is gaining access to our Price Action Protocol trading course, which teaches you how… Read more…

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