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Forex MomentumTrend Trading System"Trader Discovers Secret To Catch Trending Markets …… Now You Can Take This Simple Step-By-Step Secret Method And Profit From The Market’s Next Move"

Three trades resulting in a gain of 348 pips, $3,480 profit if you where trading regular size contracts. A gain of $348 if it was a mini account.

Trading would be a easy business if the market was always trending. But as you well know that is not always the case. Any bar chart will tell you. Most of the time the market is in a trading range. In other words trading sideways.

Take a look at the chart below. It clearly shows a market in a trading range. Not much profit potential there.

During the above trading range the Momentum Lines never did pull together. The result was no trades. Just what you want during markets like this. Don’t tie up your account in markets going no where. Save it for markets that are trending.

The 15 minute GBPUSD downtrend had four great trades. It’s during these trending periods you like to have the trades show up.

And four great trades do … the result was a profit of $5,470. A lot more could have been made by holding the trades longer and not taking a quick exit.

Determine the momentum in the market. Super easy with the MomentumTrend Indicator. (Having a strong momentum trend on your side sure helps.)

Look for a low risk entry point. (A few different methods are looked at in the manual and videos)

Ride the momentum out for as long as it carries you, or, set a price target and lock in your profits as soon as it is hit. (Trade in a manner that is most suited to your personality and style.)

Here are just some of the topics that are covered in the manual. The manual is in pdf format for easy download right to your computer.

Identifying A Trend ….. You will learn to recognize when the market is trending and when it is in a trading range. take advantage of the trend for those big opportunities.

Low Risk Entry ….. The trend is like a lottery, you want as many chances at it as you can get. Trading is not perfect. Lowering your risk gives you more opportunities if the first one fails. Once on board a good trend it will return many times your risk amount.

Trade Up or Down Markets ….. catch the trend whether up or down and go with it. Unlike stocks in the Forex markets you can reverse the order. Sell first then buy later. As long as the market trends you make money no matter which way the market trends.

How to Spot Trend Changes ….. Your most profitable opportunities come from recognizing a trend change early.

How to Spot Setups during a Trend ….. With 24-hour markets you wont catch every trend change. That would take monitoring the market 24 hours. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss the trend. Currency trends can go on for days, weeks, months and even years. There are many opportunities to get on a trend once it has started.

Introduction, which looks at some of the basic information about trading forex, pip values, different currency pairs, margin and leverage, buy and sell orders, things like that.

The Footprint of the market, this gives you insight as to how the market is formed, and how to use this vital information in measuring momentum.

Determining the trend. Knowing when the market is changing from a trading range to a trending market.

Daily charts. A different way to look at daily charts. This will give you insight… Read more…

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