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Forex Mentor Pro - Taking You And Your Trading To The Next Level!You are here because you KNOW you can be a Forex winner BUT you are sick of being lied to, sick of buying robots that don’t work and sick of jumping from one system to another while watching your account slowly decline.

Plus all the info on how YOU can give us a test drive today, Risk Free with unlimited access! (That ain’t hype, that’s just a good deal.) 🙂

Let me go straight ahead and say we are not like the other phony, made up Forex guru’s that you find plastered all over the web. We are real traders offering a genuine affordable service which produces exceptional results for our members.

My name is Dean Saunders, I placed my first trade at the age of just 17 and its safe to say I was hooked from the beginning.

Like most new Forex traders I spent the first few years jumping from system to system mainly attempting to scalp or day trade the markets. However I soon came to realise staring at my charts for up to 12 hours a day was turning me into a red eyed zombie, I barely left my office and slept next to my laptop!

I don’t know about you but that’s not why I got into this business, sure the money is a motivator but having the freedom to do what you want when you want was my dream.

From that point on I decided not to follow the crowd, I moved my focus to longer term charts and began developing my own trading systems.

Over the years I have developed and traded many top performing trading systems and now focus entirely on longer term trading allowing me to capture huge moves in the market without being glued to my computer screen 8-12 hours a day.

My name is Marc Walton. I was Managing Director/CEO of a food company in the U.K. I semi-retired aged 42 – I was stressed out, working 60-70 hours a week. Sick and tired of the rat race, I wanted a better quality of life with my young family.

My wife and I sold the house, cars and virtually everything else we owned and we emigrated with our four kids to the Canary Islands.

I started trading Forex from home (badly!) over six years ago. By the end of the third year I was over $20.000 down (a combination of losses and educational materials)

The 1st three years that I traded I wasted over $7000 on Forex courses, dvd’s, 100’s of ebooks & over a dozen Forex robots. Sound familiar?

So after 3 years & -$20.000 I took a “time out” for a few months. I KNEW there was money to be made at Forex, but my methods obviously weren’t working. I decided to buckle down and developed my own simple yet highly affective trading systems.

I moved back to a demo account and over a period of 6 months started to make small but consistent profits. By the end of that year I had recouped my $20.000 and was actually in profit by a few thousand dollars.

If you are like 99% of other people trying to learn this business you are no doubt aware it isn’t as easy as you originally thought. Sometimes it almost seems like the harder you try the less money you make.

With the correct guidance and tools Forex trading can be extremely profitable and enjoyable, In fact with our methods and ongoing education we can help you cut the learning curve to weeks instead of years.

It goes without saying Forex trading can be extremely frustrating and there’s plenty to learn, but I can tell you once you ‘crack it’ the rewards and freedom are almost limitless!

Ever wondered why 2 people using the exact same Forex system can have such drastically different results?

Gaining the experience on your own is tough, you’ll hit road blocks and speed bumps that make most people quit in frustration. It’s sad, but true. Actually, 95% of the people who try Forex trading end up quitting in frustration. But I don’t want this to happen to you.

E-Book products and expensive seminars just can’t compare to trading along side a experienced professional every day and exchanging trade plans.

Sure you learn a load of information, but you don’t have the ongoing mentoring you need like… how to plan trades, how to avoid losing trades, and how to make the transition from novice to professional forex trader.

The problem is I just didn’t have time to mentor everyone personally. I enjoy the freedom Forex has provided me, personal mentoring is very time consuming and only helps a few people.

So how can I expand this Forex mentoring service to help hundreds of those who desperately need my help?

Share my exact coaching advice, advanced educational material, and live trade by trade analysis through a membership site… at a price anyone can afford.

You don’t have to be a genius. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a miserable failure at everything else you’ve ever tried.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the ability to dedicate some time and patience to learning how to trade.

The private mentor blog is where you get to trade along side us on a daily basis, this is where the real meat of the mentoring happens. Every trading day we share with you our view on the markets via written… Read more…

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