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Forex InTREND Robot by Den MurakamiHi Den, I’m testing Intrend EA since friday(Oct,10) and here is my screenshot for you. I was upset to get loss on GBPUSD, but EA recover it quite fast. Finally, I’m in 100 Pips profit now. Thank you for that.

Dear Den, I purchased a robot on Friday and in spite of your recommendations to start trading from Monday – I could not wait it. I put the robot on account with a small lot. I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Thanks for your support

Den, I am very grateful to you for the ea. Despite the fact that I did not notice that the adviser is activated only one pair – the results still loved me. Now I reinstalled the robot on the other 2 pairs, and now seems to be all right. By the way, I did not turn off the robot on Friday, as you recommend – just reduced the size of lot. Good luck

Thank you for your interesting approach in Fx trading. I’m glad to try it out. I use demo account and here is my trades. All the best Den

The name of the Forex InTREND robot isn’t chosen by random. The thing is that our EA is based on a unique technology, which we called "Trade IN Trend". Its essence is in building the trend lines and trading on the bounce off them. To make it more clear for you, here is a small screenshot with the comments. Pay attention to the fact that the Expert Advisor will build trend lines on the chart and you will be able to understand where and why was the certain order opened. The screenshot below shows just Trend Lines. In real life you will see News Filter & EA status on the chart as well*

NOTE: in case, that News don’t affect market a lot – robot will change levels (SL/TP/Trailing) to standard ones in 5 minutes after News.

Thus, we minimize the possible negative effect of the News. This is a big step in the field of Automatic trading.

Despite the constant development and modernization of almost all processes, there are options which I call "classic". Our new development was not left without them: Trailing Stop Loss, Hedging, Money Management, etc. But we will discuss them later.

H1 time frame is most suitable for competent construction of trend lines. Perhaps in the future we will update H4, but for now we have chosen H1, as it is the right choice between quality and activity.

Note: we are already working on new options as well. One of the most interesting is unique way to calculate SL for each order. First of all, it will be individual for each order and based on distance between trend lines (hall). Due special algorithm, we can’t use standard approaches even in simple things. Everything should be adapted for algorithm and play in the single system.

Trading on the Forex market, you have a number of advantages. Firstly, regardless of the time (at any time), and secondly you are on your own. I.e. in fact, you decide what is important to you and what you need to do. You get an additional source of income, you can continue to spend more time with family and friends.

This time, by using new option (Orders Manager – Fx InTREND provides an algorithm of closing of the profitable trades in case of a signal going in the same direction and the opening of a new order), we got 155 orders in a month. This is really good way to make some Pips and… Read more…

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