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I’ve done my time in the world of finance; I used to work on Wall Street as a fund manager for a Forex investment firm. I started at the bottom and after the better part of a decade, I was finally promoted to fund manager.

By then, I’ve already gained enough knowledge on the Forex Market, including technical, fundamental and market sentiment analysis, and gleaned from the trading rooms several safe and proven strategies that can make money for me on a consistent basis.

At the time, I was young and inexperienced, but of course, I thought of myself as an investment whiz…

Even though I didn’t know as much as I thought I did, the head of the fund took me under his wing and allowed me to start working with his own inner circle, a group of financial masterminds which included public fund managers along with some of the most accomplished Private Traders in the World of Forex.

They swore me to secrecy and made me sign a full non-disclosure agreement before teaching me the Forex Inner Secrets, the word secret being that only a few elite traders in the world know (which a certain famous forex billionaire comes to mind) which left me…

My cocky demeanor went away…I was once again bewildered in what I thought I knew and have to reprogram everything that I’ve ever learned about the Forex Market…

Compared to the level of knowledge and experience that these professional traders had, I knew nothing at all about the largest and most fluid of the world’s money markets. Over the three years I spent with the group, I learned a lot and became responsible for multimillion dollar accounts, making plenty of money for myself along the way…

But yet all of us in the inner circle of trust were quietly celebrating in a restaurant not far away from the commotion…

Yes…those of us at the top were actually celebrating, not despairing as events unfolded, since we had actually anticipated the crash coming and were able to turn it to our advantage.

These the same investors who had not only survived, but thrived in the middle of the dot com bubble’s burst as well as many other previous crashes and economic downturns.

These people were keeping incredibly valuable information to themselves and were doing better than ever while other people were going bankrupt and losing their homes!

In many ways, I was unlike those other people. I wasn’t born rich and I knew all too well what poverty is like.

I began to distant myself from them and after a few more weeks of simply cajoling along I decided to leave…

…Better yet, to tell the world of these Forex Inner Secrets so that everyone who listens would be able to benefit from them and destroy this elitism that stems in the very circle that I learned from!

I planned my exit, telling the group that I’d made enough money for in Forex Trading for the time being and I planned to retire (although I’m still in my 30s) and perhaps start my own business as a hobby.

However, as you know if you’re reading this right now, that’s not what I did. The very next day I began investigating different Forex Systems and Software which could replicate the… Read more…

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