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Forex Crown Jewel V2Don’t get angry with me – but you’ve been trading in “slow motion”. If your Robot has you handcuffed to the “ultra-slow, ultra-safe” EUR/GBP or EUR/USD and other low-action pairs then you’re going to be shocked by what you read here….

The $4 Trillion Forex market handles hundreds of millions of trades every day! Why in the heck are you only able to find one or two to make money from?

The USD/JPY is a hyperactive currency pair that presents dozens of trading opportunities every single day. This is where true Forex warriors hang out to make obscene amounts of cash every day.

Without a doubt, if you want to earn a serious living with Forex – then you need to trade the USD/JPY pair.

The problem is that most robots will not touch it. It’s too fast and too volatile for the average robot to manage. So most robot just trade the EUR/USD or EUR/GBP pairs and settle for 1 or 2 trades a day.

Crown Jewel has been built from scratch to be a USD/JPY Samurai! It’s algorithm is quicker and it can rapidly extract pips at a rapid pace.

Take a look at your current Forex Robot – if it’s puttering along trading the slow pair then you need to give trading strategy a shot of adrenaline.

When you watch Crown Jewel at work it looks like a scalper. But its not. Although the scalping strategy can be profitable – a scalping robot can also wipe out dozens of great trading days with just one moderately bad trade.

Instead, we’ve trained Crown Jewel to make better trading decisions – a whole lot faster. Instead of waiting 24 hours for one trade, Crown Jewel confidently wades into the market and makes 4-5 safe and profitable trades.

This is possible because the USD/JPY pair is active enough to give you great look at mega pips at least 10-15 times a day!

Crown Jewel puts you in the middle of the action. This means, you will watch the dollars flood into your account – as if you are using a scalper – without the downside risk!

I created Crown Jewel because I was sick and tired of waiting for hours for my Robot to wake up and trade.

Sitting on H4 settings watching the paint dry on the EUR/USD pair isn’t my idea of a great time!

I wanted to make my cash in hours instead of days. I wanted to close down my relax over the weekend knowing that I had smuggled out 50-100 pips every single day. I wanted to have 30 great trades a week not 5!

Fellow professional traders always cry the blues about “dry spells” – times where you can’t enter a trade.

If you are not trading then you are losing money. You can’t put your life on hold as your Robot tries to get its act together. You have to be able to shift your focus to other more active markets – at will.

You’ve gotta quit settling for lame Robots that get weak in the knees if you put them into volatile markets.

Fire up Metatrader, pop-up the USD/JPY pair and let my baby go to work for you. It will size up the market and immediately start signaling your opportunities.

While the professionals put you on training wheels and let you play in the “average money” safe markets –

They are making crazy piles of cash trading the USD/JPY pair. This is… Read more…

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