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Forex Crescendo - Qualitative Quantitative TradingListen carefully, because I am about to tell you how you can get the most powerful automated trading robot ever released…

Hi friend, It would be easy for me to make what I’m about to tell you look like rocket science. In fact, that’s what most people who work with trading robots try to do. But here’s all you really need to know…

See How Powerful Forex Crescendo Is For Yourself Heres Concrete Proof! Watch me as I login to a live real money account and show you exactly how much I made.

Let me tell you something. A lot of people reading this will have been burnt by bad trading robots, in fact many people I speak to wonder whether automated, hands-off trading is even possible. I know this because… I spent over 4 hours in two different webinars being grilled by people who wanted to know the truth. I didnt hide behind a sales page, I stood behind my product and was happy to answer any question, heres a sample of what people asked me. Questions Log

Is it designed to have a constant investment/gain ratio? i.e. approximately 17% monthly regardless of initial balance? Or is the gain mathematically progressive? – Dr. K

Have you adjusted the EA input variables (in the set file) during that period trading on the live account or is an optimized set file provided? – David L

Hi Andrea, how about certain condition, for example huge movement (500 pips) in one day, possible this EA to handle it properly? Do I need to close the EA for certain conditions, for example during big fundamental releases? How about during a big trend change? Can this EA adapt automatically? …… – Santosa T

Will Crescendo be a one-time purchase price, recurring monthly fee or some other form of purchase? – Rod D

How critical is Spread to the EA and what trading hours does it operate in, is it all day and night or does it only trade certain times of the day/night please? – Andy B

I hope you dont mind the obvious question (being a system designer and trader myself): are you trading your own cash? – Andre M

As hard as it might be to believe, these were only the most frequently asked questions, I answered many more. I recorded it for you The reason I had no problem answering these and many more questions was because this is a good EA, there is no need to hide. Heres the good part, I recorded all 4 hours of the webinar including footage of my screen and explanation of how Crescendo works. You will be able to listen to both webinars in the download area.

Someone once told me that you only really study what you are most passionate about. When I first got in to developing trading robots, I was obsessed. I mean, I couldnt sleep because I was so excited. I could go days without sleeping because I could see the potential of automated trading. Then I got lucky, I was offered a job by one of the best known traders in the industry, just to deal with all the trading robots he was asked to review. This guy literally got 1-5 requests per day to review trading robots. He needed someone to run tests and trade the robots for him and then give him an opinion. After studying hundreds of trading robots, I made some startling discoveries.

If a trading robot used a certain type of money management, it was almost guaranteed to lose eventually.

Trading robots that traded infrequently are almost impossible to forward test (more about that later).

These 4 observations helped me uncover the secret that has always been right before the eyes of everyone who has ever seen a Forex chart.

How To Beat The Hottest Day Traders In The World, Trading The Hottest Financial Market In The World.

Approximately 50% of the trading robots would be in profit and about 20% of the manual systems would be in profit. In other words, trading robots tend to produce better results.

But thats only half the story the trading robots that dont do well tend to fail because the market conditions changed, not because they were bad to begin with. Sure, there are a small percentage of robots that are just scams, or versions of other well know robots, or even bad attempts at trying to convert a manual system into a trading robot. But generally speaking, if you took 10 trading robots and 10 live traders, the robots would win.

In 2006, it was estimated that 40% of all trading orders on the London Stock Exchange were entered by algorithmic traders (trading robots). It gets better it has been estimated in 2008 that 80% of all American markets use some form of automated trading to execute a trade. You can see where this is going right its the future. The reason is obvious, humans make mistakes, and generally lots of them. We are emotional animals prone to letting our biases influence our decisions. Either one of these things will kill you as a trader, but both altogether is a disaster waiting to happen.

I have seen lots of traders who have made good money trading manually. I have even seen a few make a lot of money. The problem is they cant do it for long periods. Some last a few weeks, some a few months and… Read more…

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