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Forex Banker AlertsEver wonder why everyone else is making good money with Forex trading other than yourself? Some of the Forex community – be it brokers, traders or so, have made Forex trading “sound” too easy, which sadly, many new traders have fell for. The truth is, while consistent and profitable Forex trading isn’t exactly the hardest feat a person could attain, it is no easy job either. At, we attempt our very best to ensure that you get to enter calculated, weighted and sound trades everyday, 5 and a half days a week.

Short term price movements are not rational. Price moves based on demand and supply. At we determine based on our proprietary volume analysis method where there is demand and where there is supply. By doing so we can tell where the bankers and hedge fund traders see the price is too low, or too high. Based on this we make our trade

We are not an automated trader. We use human intelligence and our unique method to analyze all our trades ourselves by reading the backstory of where volume is and how price is moving.

Here we noticed a large pop up in the market. Our demand and supply volume analysis noted the banks and hedge funds were trying to buy at this level but were struggling to find enough willing sellers so had to push up the price to get in.

This told us that the price was deemed to be at an attractive level to buy in, since the bankers and hedge fund traders wanted in.

Sure enough, we were proved correct as the price soared 34 pips and we booked a solid $350+ gain for our signal receivers in less than 1 hour!

What type of signals will we get? You will get signals on all major Forex pairs, such as EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY and more.

What are the time frames of your trades? Trading time frames can be anywhere from 5 minutes to several days. It just depends where the opportuinties present themselves. Generally expect a lot more short term trades, as more opportunities tend to present themselves to us from short term volume moves.

How many signals can I expect per day? You can expect to receive at least 1 signal per day and anywhere up to 5.

How are the trade signals delivered? We use MT4 Trade Copier software to deliver trades to you instantaneously. For others not using MT4 as their trading platform, we are able to provide signals via email or our live trading room.

At, we aim to lead the Forex market by employing and developing cutting edge technologies so that our clients get the maximum benefits they could from our trades. That said, we have invested in some of the latest technologies in trade copying. With our Trade Copier software, our subscribers can now copy our trades right to their trading platforms automatically with as little as 0.1 pip lag with the average of 0.3 pip across most recommended brokers.

Upon completing the payment, you will be contacted by one of our friendly support staff once your account is activated within 24 hours so you can download our alert software and be setup to receive our signals. From then on, all that’s required of you is keeping your trading platform connected to the internet – and see your balance grow automatically!

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