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FOMC SystemHi, my name is Steve H, I have been trading for many years, when I discovered The Secret to Making high profits, up to 81%, with an investment as small as $100. Yes, it is correct, I will show you sites where you can open a brokerage account for as little as $100 and start trading. NO need to have thousands to trade this system. And your account can be setup in 3 minutes and FUNDED! And you can trade as small as $25 per trade with NO commissions! I have tested his system for a long time, and shared my secret with a few close friends, and all of them have made huge profits taking advantage of what is now known as the FOMC SYSTEM. The system is Simple, Easy to understand and to follow, but don’t be fooled by it. It works so well that we are making it available only for a short period of time.

With the FOMC System you don’t have to be available all day long looking at your charts. Get in the trade and move on with your day. I will even show you how to profit up to 81% on a winning trade. So if you place the trade for $100 and win you will make $100 back + $81 PROFIT! All in a matter of HOURS! And it doesn’t matter if you win by 1 point or 100 points you still get that same 81% profit! With NO STOPS, or Profit targets to worry about! As I say: I like simple!

Each stock market investor has what he or she deems to be the best method for success… or in some cases, unfortunately, failure. I am no different. If you are reading this page, then you have at least some desire to actually make money in the stock market, whatever you are trading Stocks, FOREX, Futures, and other financial assets. I Like Simple! I looked for a system that would be simple to understand and High Winning %. After years of experiment, I have discovered that there are 8 times a year when you can profit by following very simple rules. With this system you know in advance when the trades will be. I will give you a calendar of the exact dates this system has the potential of trading. Just 8 dates that you can put on your calendar and KNOW when you need to be available so you can plan your life. Also, be assured my system does not involve Technical Analysis, no Complex Math Calculations, Curves, none of that. It does not have anything to do with attempting to predict the future movement of an option based on its past movements at all. In fact, you could actually label my system Simple-Reasonable-Short Term Trading, though that might sound too good to be true, it is a fact.

The conditions that make the trades possible are detailed in my guide and accompanying video, so you can take advantage of them too. The important thing to ask is:

Can you start trading for as little as $100, and $25 per trade? Can you predict a winning trade, and if so, can it be repeated with foresight, safety, and regularity?

The system can be used eight times a year, and I will tell you exactly WHEN! There are only a couple of SIMPLE Rules to follow, no complicated trading system, no indicators or studies to put on your charts. Anyone can learn quickly.

This is the most common rebuttal I hear from my skeptics. Most people don’t believe it’s possible to start trading with as little as $100, and make money from it. These people are absolutely nuts! On the chart above I showed you the results I see… …When I follow the FOMC System Rules.

Another WIN! Yeah! Your system has certainly proved itself time after time. Thanks for sharing this, and for your support along the way.

I have followed several of your recommendations over the past few years, and on the whole, have been very satisfied. You bring a lot to the table, give people a lot of freebies and offer refunds to those that are not satisfied. I’ve been on the end of all of the above, and find you to be an honorable guy, always trying to do right by your followers.

This was my 2nd FOMC DJI trade and I’m pretty excited about the results. I’ve also been doing well with the Nasdaq trades and I can see where I can do well with this by trading conservatively. Thanks very much for both systems. It just goes to show that I don’t have to do a lot of trades during a month to do well.

Congrats!!…Your system is truly unique. It performs well even on an extreme day such as today..when the Dow was down big-time…you stood by your system, and it did reward you for your efforts! Again, Congratulations on a fine system. I shall trade your system on future FOMC data. Thanks Again for your Generosity in sharing….Take Care. Sincerely, Thomas M

Thank you!!! This was my very first FOMC trade and it was very exciting!! I only traded a small amount ($200) but it was a good winner. I look forward to the next trade. Keep up the good work!!

Thank you very much for your support and help if i can do this with no backgound of trading in this country anyone can do this you make… Read more…

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